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Make Money Playing Video Games

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Published: 6 years ago

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Learn how you can make a living or just extra pocket money while doing what you already love - Playing video games!


How would you like to sit inthe comfort of your Ownhome, play and test games, eat pizza, drink soda and geta nice big fat paycheck of the month?! "Make money playing videogames"I was skeptical at firstabout how I make money playing, but I have nothing to lose, since they have a60 day money back guarantee anyway. So after 24 hours of signing until I got myfirst job. Just follow the instructions on the site and answered the questionsthat come with the game they sent me.Some of the questions that:What mistakes do I encounter during the game? What level slowdown freezinggame? I also completed a survey and I gave my opinion on how you can be abetter game. After 7 days I got my first paycheck, and after only 2 months, Iwas able to buy my dream setup, plasma TV 50 inch speaker Bose 5.1 surroundsound!Use this calculator below andget an estimate your potential income .....How much you make per hour?How many hours / day?How many days a week going totry the games?Daily rent: $ 40.00 * On daysyou work.Weekly Rental: $ 1,025.00Monthly Rent: $ 4,100.00Annual earnings: $ 53,300.00Learn more here: http://howtomakemoneybyplaying...


How to make money by playing video games Work from home Playing Video Games and set your own hours. You're in control!more info: http://howtomakemoneybyplaying...

Janice Wallace

Some of these I knew about but others were totally new ideas to me. Great information!


A GREAT INSIGHT ... into virtual marketing and selling ... to throw in humor and intrique.



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