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Thank you for downloading my e-book. My goal with this guide is to provide valuable
information to beginners in the Internet marketing community. The key to success is
to work smarter and not harder. Make sure, you conduct proper research before
undergoing any major online business venture. You will need to test strategies and
ideas before fully committing. As you read the following this will become apparent.
Good Luck!!!!!!
Developing a Niche Product
When looking for a product to sell on the internet you must apply principles of
common sense. Like anything, you must apply your due diligence and research your
targeted customers. If anyone makes wild claims that making a fortune on the internet
is easy it’s probably a scam. Beware, no one can guarantee a fortune. Like anything, it
takes a lot of careful planning, research, education and a lot of hard work.
Find Your Passion
The truth is you can make millions of dollars online but it takes lots of work. The first
thing you need to do is find your passion. It’s a lot easier to develop an online business
when you really love the service or product. Think of things you have a lot of
knowledge about. What do people ask you about? So how do you translate your
passion into a successful online business? Just focus!!! Some people love certain
hobbies, others sports, some love cars and others love education. Whatever it is just
stop and think. Make a list of things you like and write them down.
Now you’re ready to do some research. You basically need to make sure other people
are interested in your passion. This is the first step. You are identifying a targetable
niche market.
This is critical to your success. You must study the niche market and then develop a
product or service that solves people’s problems. Unfortunately, most people do this
the wrong way around. They develop a product or service and then find there is no
market for the service.
Identify a targetable niche market
Check out the online newsgroups, discussion boards, chat rooms and type in your
keywords in Google to locate markets that relates to your passion. You also need to
research your competitors and how they cater for these markets. Obviously, if there is
good demand for your product or service, and few businesses catering for their needs
your chances for success is high. Too many competitors or low demand means it’s not
viable. Some keyword tools that may be useful in gauging demand are Word Tracker
and Yahoo Overture’s Term Suggestion Tool. These internet tools assist you in
researching which keywords are frequently searched by your targeted market and will
identify your competition. Overture will tell you how many times words or phrases
were searched in Overture in the last month. If there is already too much competition
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