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You are about to learn about ePublishing (information publishing online and offline) one of the most
profitable businesses I know of where production costs of products are low and profits high on each sale.
This publication will introduce you to ePublishing eBook products on CDs\DVDs on auction sites. These are
one of the best types of products to earn from because they allow you to take advantage of aspects of human
psychology that make people buy. People feel an urge to buy when they like the look and sound of something
but which they know they could miss-out on if they don’t act swiftly, this is what auctions are all about.
Impulse Buying, Limited Availability
Through the next few pages you’re going to learn how to create your very own product which you can add to
online auctions and capitalise on this impulse factor to make you a nice 2nd income working part-time.
Simple, Easy But Works
I bet you are thinking this is too simple and couldn’t possibly work to generate an income, well the fact that
you are reading this material now is proof that what I do works and that you can learn the process to profit.
The truth is people are hungry for information and they search auction and ‘ buy it now’ listing sites,
especially eBay to find information products and ‘how to’ guides and products that can help them in some
way or another, with millions of users joining this site just to buy it truly offers the greatest opportunity to
profit by catering for peoples need for information.
Preliminary Requirements
On the off chance you have not purchased this material through an eBay listing and have ordered offline,
there are 4 things you will need before you can use this information and they are an eBay account, PayPal
account, a Fulfilment account these can be opened for free, go to as well as The last thing you will need is software to automate the
entire CD and DVD fulfilment process of your automated income streams, you can get that from
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