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Owners have found that updating fresh content to their websites has
been made easier by using blogging software. Before blogs were
popular, people had to create the content, get it transferred into HTML
by the programmer, and then uploaded to the website. All this hassle is
gone with blogging.
Perhaps, the most important thing about having a blog is that the search
engines love them. Yes, search engines love new content. It means a
website is not static, therefore search engines will visit that website often
and get them indexed. If you have a blog, search engines will have your
website in their listings quickly.
Blogging should be done regularly by your business. The customers
should have the feeling that your blog will be updated regularly so that
they will feel the need to visit often. If your blog is stagnant, then people
will not go back. This is not how blogs are used.
What a lot of people don't know about blogging is that it can also help
make you money. Yes - blogs can be profitable too.
One of the ways you can profit from blogs is to provide valuable content
to them, and keep them regularly informed. Once you have created that
relationship with them, you can place affiliate links within your blogs.
These have to be products or services that you recommend to your
readers to use. Good commission comes with using this idea.
You can even ask your readers to donate money to maintain your blog.
Stress that your blog is a free service and you hope that they will support
you etc...
Once you have a lot of visitors to your blogging website, you can use
Google's Adsense which shows Google's ads on your blogs. When your
visitors click on those ads, you'll get a percentage of the payment for
each click. With a lot of visitors, this will add up to a nice check every
You can even have an advertising space at the top of your blog.
Advertise this space. You can charge people weekly to advertise what
they want. You may even have more than one space for advertisements.
The more popular and more visitors your blog gets, the more you can
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