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Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

12 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Answering the question: How to - make money online right now, make fast easy money online or just make money online!

by T. “Smokey” Johnson

Make money online right now:

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!


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You should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!


Part 1

Setting up your “Sales Funnel”


Step 1 – Setting up a squeeze page…………………………...6

Step 2 – Free Bonuses………………………………………..15

Step 3 – Using an autoresponder……………………………. 16

Step 4 – Your One Time Offer (OTO)………………………..21

Step 5 – Creating targeted traffic to your webpage…………...27

Part 2

Setting up your “Targeted traffic Generation”

Table of Contents

PART 2 ........................................................................................................................ 39

TARGETED TRAFFIC CREATION ...................................................................... 39

INTRODUCTION ...................................................................................................... 40

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

OPTIMISE YOUR SITE FOR THE SEARCH ENGINES ................................... 41


RIGHT NOW! ............................................................................................................ 44

MANUALLY CREATE YOUR SITE MAP. ....................................................................................................... 45

SITE MAP GENERATORS ............................................................................................................................. 45


...................................................................................................................................... 46


RIGHT NOW! ............................................................................................................ 47

START A SELF HOSTED BLOG ..................................................................... 48


MONEY ONLINE RIGHT NOW! ........................................................................... 50


MONEY ONLINE RIGHT NOW! ........................................................................... 51

GUEST BLOGGING ..................................................................................................................................... 52

FORUM POSTING TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE RIGHT NOW! .......................................................................... 54


PROMOTE YOUR WEBSITE USING FREE CLASSIFIED ADS............................................................................. 55

ARTICLE MARKETING ...................................................................................... 57




NOW!........................................................................................................................... 62

ADD SWAPS .......................................................................................................... 65

OTHER RESOURCES YOU CAN USE: ......................................................... 66

TRAFFIC EXCHANGES TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE RIGHT NOW! .................................................................. 66

SAFE LISTS ............................................................................................................................................... 67


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Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!


Welcome. I am about to show you how I make money online through these deadly effective methods so that you can do exactly the same. It is very simple to follow and will leave you in the positive position of being able to fire your boss by making your first $1,000. After this you will be able to go on to make money online right now and make $1,000 every month plus much more. Your income will steadily grow allowing you the opportunity to have financial security without having to rely on someone else.

This e-book contains everything that you need to know in order to hit your targets and make $1,000 this month then follow it on for every month thereafter.

If you worked extremely hard you can very easily hit this figure in under 14

days it really is that easy. If you have taken the trouble to download this report you obviously see the value in earning $1,000 from your internet connection.

So stop everything else that you are working on and sit back and have a thorough read of how easy it is to make money online. These step by step instructions are the exact same as the ones I follow and I know it works as I have already fired my boss!!!

Whether you have just joined internet marketing or have been around a while and still not made money online this is your chance to change things for the better.

When I first joined the make money online business I went from one system to another until I found that the simple methods made me the most money and this is what I want to show you.

So get comfy, relax and read my blueprint to the easy life so you, too, can begin to make money online right now….

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

Part 1

Setting Up Your “Sales Funnel”

Step 1 – Setting up a squeeze page

This is the most important step in your plan for $1,000 and careful consideration should be gone into planning this part of it. You are going to use the squeeze page to collect the names and email addresses of visitors through to your website or blog.

You will do this by offering a valuable free report, e-book or software that when people sign up they will be able to receive completely free of charge.

Then once you have got the persons name and email address they will be forwarded to your one time offer (OTO). This is then when the cash starts to roll in to your bank account.

The squeeze page is all about drawing the attention of the reader and giving them a call of action so that they will download your free gift. Then adding them to your free Ezine to make regular money from them. Obviously the more subscribers you have on the list the better and this is how your income will steadily grow over a period of time.

Make money online right now: What is the best product to offer to visitors?

There are literally thousands of different things that you could offer to your visitors in order to join your list. However there is such a thing as some items been better than others.

For Example: If you offered a report the one with the catchy title would be the one that would get you the BEST sign up rate. If your free report was about article writing “top article writing tips” just doesn’t do anything for most people and sounds rather boring. However if you offered a report Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

called “break into article writing” it has a certain ring to it and gets people to really think about what they would want to achieve as an article writer.

It is also important that you do it about a subject that relates to what you would like to sell to your list at a later date. So if you are concentrating on the food niche there is no point in offering them free internet marketing tips.

However you should also keep it as varied as you can so that it suits most internet marketers instead of just hitting one of the many make money online niches. If you are into social media this is the perfect place to be everyone wants to know how to generate free traffic through Twitter, FaceBook and MySpace. Then when they are on your subscriber list you can offer them a bit of everything.

Here is what I recommend that you offer to your new subscribers:

*Anything that isn’t freely available on the internet

*Is unique to existing information

*Information lists and created into a report

Any of the above will give you great response rates and will give you the edge on your competition.

This is why they can work for you…..

Make money online right now: Anything that isn’t freely available on the internet

If you went for something that everyone is promoting you have lost the edge as you are no different to any other Tom, Dick or Harry. This is my favourite way for generating products have a good look around the internet and find something that is selling for a premium and re-create it for free.

This is an absolute goldmine as if 1000 people are paying right now for a report in a specialist field come along and create a free version. Make sure you don’t copy someone else’s work just their idea. If article writing is hot then create a report about how to get articles ranking high on Google. It doesn’t even have to be as long as the paid version just good enough to use to build your list on the internet.

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

Is unique to existing information

If a new trend arrives on the internet make money from it as soon as you can. Everyone right now is selling e-books about article writing but what else could you make instead that would pull in the subscribers?

I find that anything about Blogging with a unique edge can give you the sales time and time again.

When a new trend arrives be the first to create a report about it. Imagine if you had been the very first to write a report about Twitter or the first to create a useful twitter tool you are literally laughing with the traffic that it can generate for you.

You just have to remember that your product must be original and offer something that your target market wants right now.

Make money online right now: Information listed and created into a report Everybody wants to know about something and good quality lists are very hard to come by and you should tap into this if you can’t find any other relevant material to use.

There is literally millions of ways that you can create a list as long as it is up to date and suits the audience you have a winner. Create a list of the best places to get free twitter tools if you are aiming at the twitter market.

However for a big buzz in the make money online niche go for something simple as it will really pay off. You could create a list about practically anything and research it for a few short hours on some online forums.

It could include:

*Internet marketers free software list

*Free Classifieds

*Free Article Directories

*Free Press Release Sites

*Traffic Exchange Sites

*Internet Marketing Adswaps

*and so on

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

Internet marketers are always looking for this kind of free information and often spend hours looking for it and this is your chance to take advantage of this niche in order to build your list.

It doesn’t even need to be really long either you could do just ten sites and improve it by writing a review for each of them so that people know what they are getting involved in. This will then give them the ultimate opportunity to use the list and many will take it a step further and hand out your free PDF to others making your free directory viral.

If you can’t write your own report or simply don’t want to you can always use article directories to get your name out there. For example if you wanted to do “the top ten Adsense tips” you could copy and paste the top ten articles about Adsense from then give this away.

The beauty of these article directories is that you are allowed to freely copy the content as long as you include the resource box at the end of the article.

People also love top ten tips because they believe they are short enough to read in one sitting without it going on forever. I recommend that you get busy using your imagination to come up with a free product to offer to your future mailing list.

Now its time to create your squeeze page I personally use FrontPage or NVU even though there are many other programs available to do it with.

Here is a free tutorial to show you how to set up your squeeze page if you are not familiar with these programs: Here is an example of a great squeeze page: it will quickly lead you to Make

money online right now:

Easy Ways To Make Money Online



Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

This one is what I call a short squeeze page as there isn’t much information included in it and have the best results over all. The reader isn’t getting bored and is simply intriged by what you are presenting in front of them.

Below is a more modern squeeze page: Make money online right now: Easy Ways To Make Money Online



Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

As you can see in the example above this one is of the average length and spells out the advantages of signing up for this newsletter then sells its product without any real help needed.

Another option is to personally brand yourself if you are planning on being in the business on a more long term basis. Purchase the domain of your name for example and invite them to be part of your newsletter without receiving any free gifts.

I know we are constantly told that we must have a free gift but this isn’t always the case. People that are interested in YOU will search for your name on the internet and if you present them with a website were they can get involved in your brand they will gladly take it. This is a sure way to make money online right now.

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

Also because people are interested in YOU and not just a quick free report they will stay subscribed with you for a lot longer and your unsubscribe rate will be very low.

If on the other hand you feel too nervous to create your own squeeze page from scratch this is a great free software that you can use instead:

Now that you understand the meaning of a squeeze page and what it does here are some pointers for getting the best results:

Heading – The heading is very important as this is what the reader sees first before anything else. It has to grab their attention enough for them to stay on your webpage without leaving immediately because they are bored with the vibe that you have put out there.

Your headline must be clear about what you are providing and not be too misleading. Your copy must also connect with the reader on an emotional level.

The visitor wants to know a lot from one heading including what’s in it for them? Put simply the visitor will only read on if they believe that it benefits them or provides something that they personally want.

Body – The body text is very important as this is where it compels the visitor to opt-in to your mailing list. If you don’t compel them you have simply lost the future subscriber for good.

It is extremely important that through the body text you explain to the reader that in order to receive your amazing free product they must submit their name and email address. This is all a part of the process to enable you to make money online right now.

Some of the most powerful and successful squeeze pages have fitted on one browser without the need to scroll down. So if you are not a big writer it doesn’t matter. You can follow this method and after including an e-cover you can use bullet points to get your information across to the visitor.

At the end of the day your visitor has two options to opt-in to your mailing list or leave. You shouldn’t over complicate things by giving them the Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

opportunity to visit other web pages as your sign ups will reduce very quickly.

Make money online right now: Subscribe Button – There is a lot of debate about what you place in the subscribe button and I personally find that you get the best results by changing it from the standard text that is usually visible.

It doesn’t have to be something too over the top just as long as it grabs the attention of the reader. With internet marketing one of the key points to bear in mind is that it is always about a call of action. If you write an article you will create a resource box and in this box you will explain to the reader that if they want to know more about this subject then click here.

This is exactly what you want to achieve with your subscriber base – they have read about what you want to offer them and now you want to direct them to their free copy so that they can read this information at their leisure.

There are lots of different phrases that you could use and these are my favourites:

*Send me my FREE Report

*Download for FRE right now!

*FREE instant access now!

You may find this a little unusual but changing the Free into capitals really makes a difference to your opt-in rate. It creates a call of action to the readers and reminds them that by giving you their name and email address they are effectively getting a product for nothing.

People love something for free and this will help them focus on this.

There is nothing wrong with looking at what other marketers do and see what they use in their button and experiment with it from time to time until you have the ideal formula for you.

Test – It is very important that you test the system and make sure that it works as otherwise you will lose future customers then regret it later on.

Once you have uploaded it check it in a couple of different browsers as even Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

though it may work perfectly in Internet Explorer it may have a slight fault in FireFox.

It is also worthwhile checking the fonts to make sure that it works well without you needing to squint. Have a look around similar squeeze pages and see what colours work well together and which are a waste of time until you have your own ideal webpage.




When you create a new website or try to promote a new website, you are joining a huge throng of hundreds of millions of other websites and blogs that are all competing for attention.

In short – they are all competing for possibly the most important thing on the net – traffic.

Going out and trying to convince people to come visit your website can seem tedious and discouraging.

Advertising your products and services via pay per click or banner advertising can get very expensive and often doesn’t yield high quality results, yet until recently this was probably the most popular way of trying to get visitors to your website.

But now with the huge popularity of social networking sites, things have changed a little.

There is a better way.

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

Going on to extremely popular, high traffic websites and posting there, with a link back to your site, gets you in front of a huge audience and lets you borrow some of the traffic from that site.

One of the most popular, regularly visited sites today is YouTube.

According to, they are now averaging 73.5 million visitors a month. That's a lot of visitors, even by astronomical internet standards.

People who do business on the internet are increasingly adding YouTube to their marketing strategy. It's a medium that's difficult to ignore.

However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use YouTube, and we are going to tell you how to take advantage of YouTube’s massive traffic correctly, so you can steer some of it your way.


Step 2 – Free Bonuses (to make money online right now)

The most important part of your squeeze page is to offer them such amazing free information that they believe that they are getting an absolute steal from you!

This can be done very easily by offering them some free bonuses as part of their package. This is the icing on the cake and will make your original offer seem amazing and your visitors will be falling over themselves to opt-in to your mailing list.

Have a quick look on Google under the following terms:

*free giveaway products

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

*giveaway rights

*free private label rights

*free master resale rights

You will soon discover that you will find more free products than you can shake a stick at. Even though you will probably have to subscribe to their mailing list in order to download these free gifts it will be worth it with all the different ones on offer.

It really doesn’t get any better than this!!

You can then experiment with the amount of free gifts that you offer rotating them to make them look even more original if you like. Sometimes it can be very off putting to be offered several different e-books on one page so experiment and offer different amounts until you are satisfied with what you provide.

It doesn’t matter if you change it several times in one year as this is perfectly normal. Personally I have changed my squeeze pages several times as new systems are launched and you always want to keep it fresh with a lovely new feel to it.

It is so much more worthwhile to offer one or two quality products than trying to offload 100 old worthless products that people have already read a long time ago.

Think of it like this – if you would be happy to buy it then I am sure others would be very pleased to have it for free!

Step 3 – Using an autoresponder (to make money online right now)

Now that you have your product planned you need to look into setting up your autoresponder. This is very much a long term strategy so it is very important that you choose one that will work well over time and don’t just go for a cheap quick job.

I personally recommend Aweber they are very reliable and the features they have are amazing. You can sign up for an account by Clicking Here.

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

I have been using them for a while now and once you have spent a couple of months getting used to all of their features it will become second nature when setting up new campaigns or adding to the ones that you already have.

There is a lot of debate about how best to use them so I am going to talk from personal experience of how they can make money for you like they have for me.

Firstly if you want to make your business as automated as you can the best way to do it is it stack up your messages rather than sending them out manually. However if you have a busy life you could end up sending out messages at irregular intervals and this can very easily confuse the readers on your mailing list.

So with this in mind set up a sequence of follow up messages instead and you can do these in advance adding to them once or twice a month.

Increasing the amount of follow ups you have completely depends on how often that you send out your Ezine.

For the best results I recommend sending out the first two a day or so apart and then every four days. Whatever you decide on be sure that it is an even number this way the customer is receiving the email on a different day each time and then if they have other commitments to deal with the chances of it getting read are much better.

So if your Ezine goes out once a month go for every 28 days. So if you plan to send it out once a week go for every eight days instead.

The way a follow up sequence works is that as soon as you add a new subscriber to your list they automatically start on message one. Therefore every member is receiving the same messages no matter when they subscribed to your list giving you the opportunity to provide even more offers and increase your profit range.

You can have favourite products reduced in the signature of your email even in Ezines that don’t directly offer products increasing your income even more.

The messages should always be kept up to date so that the subscriber that joined first and is the first to receive the messages doesn’t run out as this will Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

look really bad. I always aim at working two weeks in advance and this works really well (to make money online right now).

Another point to make is that the messages that are sent out shouldn’t refer to a timescale as you don’t want them becoming out of date as this will result in you having to change them regularly and will create more work for you. So avoid seasonal messages i.e. talking about Christmas or product launches.

Any messages that you do want to send out that are time sensitive you can send them out as an extra email via an email broadcast. At the end of the day the customer won’t notice the difference unless you tell them and will often thank you for emails even though they assume that they have just been emailed to them.

If you are still wondering why you need an autoresponder this is why:

“Even if you have an unresponsive list of subscribers 5% will buy every product that you offer”

This may sound like a really small amount but think of it like this: If you have 1,000 subscribers and they each buy an offer for $9 from every four day email that’s $3,600 per 32 days. Build it into a list of 10,000 and you have a $36,000 monthly income from an automated system.

Adding subscribers and finding them isn’t hard it’s setting up the system that takes the time but once you have it in place it will grow over and over again.

Here are some tips for getting the best results from your autoresponder: (to make money online right now)

Title – Make the title eye catching and reach out to the readers curiosity if they like the title enough they will make the effort to read your email. If they don’t like your title the end result will often involve them deleting the message before they have even read it which is something you certainly Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

don’t want to happen. You don’t want to give too much information away either as you want to keep their full attention.

Personalisation – The Aweber settings will often give you the opportunity to personalise it with a range of different information. I recommend that you change the name to your business name or your personal name. For an extra touch put ** at either side then people will notice it above the rest of their emails. Also lots of people have their emails delivered in name order and a *

will bring it to the top and keep it at the top until the customer moves it.

Keep the reader guessing – To get the best click through rate it is important to keep the reader guessing so that they will click through to the special offer that you are advertising. So in the email only include a small amount of data so that they can’t resist finding out more information about it.

Accurate Content – Make sure that your content is accurate and up to date.

Whatever you do – NEVER LIE as so many people do this and it loses them credibility and will result in lots of unsubscribes. The content should also remain similar so that they know it was written by you and your personality shines through.

Make it interesting – This is extremely important if it is not interesting people will get bored with it and many will not bother even finishing reading your email.

Plan of action – You want to close the deal with information of a special offer or what they should do with the information that you have just presented them with. If you are telling them about one of your business deals explain to them how they can create similar business deals whether you are offering it to them on a plate or not.

If you remember I mentioned that 10,000 is a great figure to have especially for creating a large income from. But how long does it take to get it this far?

Have you got the time to make it successful? You want to make money online right now.

The truth is an hour a day and you can easily without effort be adding 50

new subscribers 7 days a week. With this in mind six months down the line you will have a 10,000 mailing list. I will talk to you later on in this e-book about how to get these figures!

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

Obviously if you don’t use an autoresponder you couldn’t possibly manage all this on your own. Imagine how you would explain to AOL wanting to send out 10,000 emails at once my guess is that as soon as you have sent out 200 they will have suspended your account.

When you set up your autoresponder there is the option of where to send them after they have filled in the form and this is when you create your one time offer (OTO) or upsell.

Careful thought should be taken with this and we will go into greater detail with this in the next chapter.

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

Step 4 – Your One Time Offer (OTO)

The whole idea of a one time offer (OTO) is to offer them something that isn’t available anywhere else. It should also have a reduced price tag so that it is literally too hard to refuse to the reader.

The reader of the special offer will only ever see it once and this makes people act on it a lot more. This is an excellent way to make money online right now. The user at this point in the sign up cycle wants to know how to gain their free gift so it’s important that you mention this before you present them with their OTO.

Something like this works incredibly well:

Before you come and join us....

Before you go and collect all your free gifts I need you to verify your email address. When you log on to your email account you will find a message from us. It will say something like DSM Publishing requires you to verify your email address. Once you click on the link in the message you will have instant access to our members area. This is just a formality to stop you from being spammed by others. If you can't find it please check your spam folder.

In the mean time I would like to offer you here and now two of our best products with an amazing 60% discount....

Then they know to check their email address but they have this amazing offer presented to them at the same time.

They now have the choice of two different options:

1. Leave the page to go and confirm their email address leaving the offer forever

2. Read the offer and consider buying this amazing discounted product from you

You can also set up a second OTO if you wish and provided the second product is just as good this is a great way to increase your profits. Like above you will still need to include a note at the top so that people know Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

what is happening but this time you will be welcoming them as a new member.

Thanks for confirming your email address

Your username and password for the exclusive members area is on the way to your email address. Once you enter the memberszone you will have instant access to a huge range of free gifts as a big thank you for subscribing.

But before you head over to check your emails I would like to offer you an amazing 60% discount off one of our best selling products.

On Aweber you will find that there is an option to send new customers to a certain domain after they have confirmed their email address and this is when you present them with the second offer which is often referred to as an upsell.

I find offering something different to the first offer has the best results as you can then appeal to other customers that wouldn’t necessarily be interested in the first offer.

Here are some important points when planning your one time offer to make money online right now

Target the audience – Make sure that you target the audience that you are focusing on and not go off key with your offer. There is absolutely no point offering a one time offer about food when the squeeze page was about making money online.

Test the vision – It is very important that your offer is easy to read and that your future customers get the chance to view it. So test it on yourself before you send your own customers to the OTO.

Focus on the Why – It is very important that you explain to your future subscribers why they must purchase this offer and what is in it for them.

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

This should also include the call of action so that they can act on the information that is been presented to them.

The sales copy on your one time offer should be of great quality as the customer is in the middle of signing up for your mailing list and if they think it is not up to scratch they may not even subscribe.

When they are on your list you will want them to purchase future offers and you want them to get used to the way you offer products in your sales copy.

If you offer a bad sales copy from the beginning the likelihood is that your sales conversion rate will be rather low.

But what do you offer to make money online right now?

You can offer them whatever you like as long as it will sell. Choosing a product can be hard at first and I would suggest thinking about what you would want to receive if you were joining the list then work from there.

If you don’t have your own products there is always the option of finding an affiliate to work with rather than getting your own product together. There are lots of affiliate product owners that are desperate for sales and because we are talking about information products they will love the idea of automated sales through you.

Contact a few affiliate sellers and reach a deal with them the majority will be happy to oblige. Ideally you want to find a product that you can offer with at least a 50% discount and then do a 50/50 joint venture with the seller.

On the upsell page though you don’t have to offer a discount in which case you can do a page like this:

Thanks for confirming your details.....

Here is the link for The Mega Marketing Launcher. Simply click save as and place it on your desktop.

Your Link

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

In the mean time I have something that I know you will just love and if you want to take internet marketing to the next level this is for you.

Affiliate Link

Another great option is to find a selection of quality private label rights products and offer these to your list as a one time offer. People enjoy receiving a good bundle of information and this offer works incredibly well.

Even if you spend a couple of hundred dollars on quality products you will make your money back in no time at all.

It is entirely up to you which direction you decide to take with your one time offer it is just a case of choosing what sells the most copies. Many internet marketers especially the gurus will have changed their offers several times over the years as times change and new products enter the market.

The easiest ways to take payment is through either Clickbank or PayPal both are great for setting up one time offers and it will make setting up accounts a breeze. It’s so nice when you start to see yourself make money online right now.

Once you have the one time offer set up you will also need to do a download page and this is incredibly simple to do and should stick with the same format as your download page of the free report. Then when people pay for the product they will automatically be forwarded to the download page meaning that you have very little to do.

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

Sidebar: Your own information product to make money online right now?

Why Sell Information products online?

I’m going to show you the oh so simple secrets of creating effective, profitable information products. These are the very same SIMPLE

secrets used by information product gurus. Simple yes, but also deadly effective and hugely profitable...

There are so many advantages to creating information products that it’s hard to list them all, but here are a few:

Information products are extremely easy to produce.

Information products are extremely cheap to produce.

When you start most businesses you go straight into debt. You might have to buy or rent premises, buy your stock, fit out a store, install technology etc etc and before you know it you’re $50,000 in debt before you even start trading.

Selling information products online is a way to start your own business with little or sometime NO overheads.

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

Also Information products are very versatile.

You can sell them at a profit, give them away as an incentive to get people to sign up for your list, sell them at a low price to showcase your skills and then offer higher priced products...There’s a whole world of ways to use information products to build an online business.

So what do we mean when we say information products?

Any product that gives people information, usually a solution to some sort of problem. People pay to get out of the hole they just fell in –

not how to avoid holes. Solutions to problems always sell well.

For instance a product could tell people how to train a dog, lose weight, design a website, cure bad breath, meet members of the opposite sex, put up shelves, apply makeup, or paint a portrait using oil paintings.

An information product can be made in video form, as en ebook, or as an audio recording. Some types of information products lend themselves better to one form than another. For instance if you are telling people how to apply makeup you definitely need visuals, so a video would be best. An audio recording wouldn’t do the trick in this case and an ebook would need to have a lot of screenshots.

If you want to tell someone how to meet members of the opposite sex, however, an ebook or an audio recording would work well.

And if you want to tell someone how to train a dog, an ebook with screen shots, or a video, would work equally well.

Find your subject, then decide on the best way to present it – ebook, audio, video etc.

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Step 5 – Creating targeted traffic to your webpage to: make money online right now

Now that you have set up your squeeze page and one time offer you need to look at ways to build up your mailing list so that you can make money from it.

Many people will tell you that every method works and that you should put time into all of them but this isn’t true – it’s a case of finding the methods that provide you with the best responses for the money involved.

However you will soon discover that the best methods out there are actually FREE!

Below is a run through of some of the best methods for creating the most responsive mailing list:

Social Networking:

Now this has to be my personal favourite, through social networking for fifteen minutes a day I can gladly add over 500 subscribers a week. However if I spend more time on these sites the figure goes up. It is a very simple way of marketing and you don’t have to work hard to get the numbers. Twitter is a great place to start this from, they are constantly mentioned in the media and many internet based businesses run their whole operation from on there.

A simple post on Twitter will do the trick:

How to make money online and work from home earn money FAST before

The very first time I sent this live on Twitter via an update it added 100 new subscribers pretty much instantly. Now using it along with other messages it bumps up my subscribers every day. You have to remember that Twitter has a global audience therefore you should have about five different links to join Easy Ways To Make Money Online


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your list over the course of the day. Then you are targeting the whole world compared to just covering your own time zone.

Here are some examples of few more of ours that we rotate over the course of the day:

Discover the secrets to creating a successful Blog and learn everything within 7 days!

Become an expert within Social Networking with this amazing free e-book collect yours today

Become a Twitter Expert in 24hrs full free 53 page guide tells all

If you have just the one product to giveaway you can’t get the same results as people will just get sick of seeing the same old link. Those that don’t get fed up will probably already be on your list.

Many marketers say that you are playing with fire by doing this. I often get told that you will lose mass amounts of Twitter followers and that you are effectively spamming but this is really not true. All you have to do is to make sure that you offer something of value in between these updates.

Post jokes, links to other peoples products without an affiliate link and engage in quality chit chat between your fellow online Twitters. You can do this because Twitter is so big. Along with providing updates you should also create a quality profile and include a link in it to either one of your sales pages or direct to your main subscriber page. Make money online right now!

You can place links on lots of other social networking sites too. But don’t place as many as they are some what smaller and it will look like spamming.

Three a day will be fine as long as like with Twitter you communicate with people in between.

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

Another important note is that many people search twitter and you want to include as many search terms as you can so think about my first tweet in this section again:

How to make money online and work from home earn money FAST before

People will come across my tweet on twitter if they search for the following:

*how to make money online

*make money online

*make money

*work from home

*work online

*work from home online

*earn money online

*earn money online fast

These keywords can be very expensive to obtain just on Google via Google Adwords so really take advantage of this as it is really successful and will get you lots of new subscribers.

You should also try out some other network sites and these could include: FaceBook




And so on

Forum Marketing

This is the second place were I started my mailing list back in 2005. Just by offering quality advice to others you can be adding to your mailing list without any real effort. If someone asks a question that you know the answer to not only will they see it but they will also view your signature with other worthwhile advice in it. You shouldn’t put too much on it though, I have seen some with over five products in it and it looks awful.

Easy Ways To Make Money Online


Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

Here is one of our current ones: make money online right now

Earn your 1st $250 online NOW

Become an expert NOW Aweber Wordpress FileZilla

As long as you don’t provide one line answers it is very easy to build this way. Just by dedicating 30 minutes a day over a month it is not hard to add 1,000 to your list. Like with social networking sites you can also create a profile with more information about yourself.

My favourite forum for internet marketing is the Warrior Forum and you can join HERE.

Here are some others that you can also sign up for:

Article Marketing

This is one of the easiest ways to create free traffic that is available today.

Even though it has been about for years it still serves a great purpose in the market place. You will not get the same results as those achieved through social networking but it will also provide you with plenty of solid back links through to your websites and in the long run it will provide you with traffic through the Google Search Engines. From every article that I write that Easy Ways To Make Money Online



Make Easy Money Fast Online Right Now!

points to one of my squeeze pages I roughly get about 50 new subscribers, but when that article hits the search engines it increases dramatically.

However this is just from writing the article and submitting it to and doesn’t include submitting the article through social marketing so this figure is generally a lot higher.

I find though that for the best results the signature in an article should blend in with the article so that people don’t actually realise. The whole point of an article is the call of action at the end and if it flows your subscribe rate will go through the roof.

Here is a good example of one: make money online right now Now that you've learned some of the deadliest secrets of profiting from internet marketing, here's how you can get more of my secrets for FREE!

Simply visit The Samantha Milner Blog for free make money online tips at:

You can also use similar signatures for your regular emails too!

If you are unsure about how to write articles or were to start the best place is with writing an article review. It then gets you in the spirit and your article talents will pop out and say hello.

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