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It had been one hectic week this one! The Lions of Cannes were giving us all at work
sleepless nights. The Ultimatum from the boss was dreadfully clear “Make it three in a row!”
Having worked all my life in the creative arena of Advertising, I was now looking at the
possible exhaustion of my creative juices. The uber creative Tanmay, yeah that‟s my given
name, Mass comm. major from a top Bangalore college 15 years back was now turning out
to be a machine at the end of its useful life, belching out recycled ideas and „inspiring‟ new
ones from the hapless Ad guru wannabes that have been thrust under my belt.
What I had assumed would be a terrific first trip to Cuba & the Caribbean‟s had turned out
be a total kill joy. Meetings upon meetings with potential clients and the serious prick that
the Sales Manager, Siddharth proved himself to be during the week, put more burden to my
already sagging self worth. The tropical rains and insane humidity outside definitely didn‟t
make things any better.
Well hey! On the brighter side, we did manage to get an order for a 15 sec commercial for a
Jamaican brewer. That‟s something to be especially proud of, I guess.
Staring at an old footage of the 1998 FIFA world cup at the lounge at the José Martí
International Airport, I sat there, stoic and totally perturbed about the closing deadline,
about Dhriti & Abhay back at home. It had been over 2 weeks since I saw my wife and kid
and now that I am going back to see them, all I have for them is a box of Swiss chocolates
that I bought at the airport.
I knew from the day the Lions were up for grabs that I would lose my sleep, my temper, my
confidence and what not! My growth in the company had been partly due to my
contributions for the Lions entries. We had stuck gold the last two years when we won the
Lion under the Media category. I was very swiftly elevated to “Creative Head” last year and
I had very little to be unhappy about. The new position paid me well, new car, new
apartment and of course a small cabin, all for myself. Hell! I even had my own secretary.
“Boarding starts in an hour” Siddharth informed without being asked.
“Alright, I guess I have more time to think about what went wrong for the Brazilians” I said
cheekily, making a gun clicking action at the large screen at the lounge.
Siddharth was not too bad; he was young, fresh out of MBA College, killing himself to prove
his salt in the meandering industry of Advertising. He quite often reminded me of myself,
the fact that I didn‟t like. He wandered off to a recliner at the corner of the lounge, phone in
hand, probably chatting up his girl friend or whoever.
I was desperate for a few minutes of naptime and I would have killed for everyone around
to just shut up. The airport in Havana did not fly direct to India and we had to change
flights at Frankfurt. I was expecting one hell of a jetlag!
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