Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows HTML version

Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows
A bill of sale for personal property which will convey washers, dryers,
refrigerators, etc…
They also will review all the details while consulting with you all the way up to,
and including accompanying you to the closing, usually for a $500- $750 flat fee.
Your lawyer is your first material Magic Bullet.
They also assist you in becoming “bulletproof” yourself.
Finding an attorney
o (Find a real estate attorney)
o (Questions answered free)
o You will grow to love this woman; it’s time to meet her.
Below are some additional resources for you to investigate. Use the providers who
seem to effectively remove your own fear.
Phase 1 completed: You know you’ll be using an attorney to assist you so you are
no longer alone. You now have the law on your side and a professional who can
practice it to your advantage.
We have much to do, Fiz. How you feeling so far?