Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows HTML version

Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows
Oh, you ordered the guided tour package, didn’t you? Very well then, according
to your profile here, it says you’re going to be selling a home soon and you want
to do this without the help of 20th century middlemen…on other words, you'd like
to sell 'by owner'.
Today we find ourselves flush with the capacity to link to all sources of
intelligence and resources across the globe and beyond. No one owns the Internet;
therefore no one can withhold the flow of information to those who seek it, even
though some may still try. In 1950, half the population were renting, today three
quarters of the population own their own homes. One in five sellers sold their own
homes last year, closer to one in four will do it this year and that number is sure to
grow with 17,280 homes sold every day of the year as we speak.
Now close your eyes, Fiz, and hold out your hand.
O.K. Fiz, you can open them now.
But, there’s nothing here.
Fiz, I’ve just given you a fist full of Magic Bullets. Now you can’t see them but
you can use them when you need to. These bullets have been carefully crafted and
have been proven to work for thousands of years, so do not discount them due to
your inability to see their material form. Many people will tell you that they don’t
exist and here is your first lesson:
Lesson #1: They exist when you believe they do. Belief is
bullet #1!
How do I shoot them?
Well Fiz, you’ll need to craft your own firearm to actually use these bullets with
any great success.
But I can’t even see them, how in the world…?
Attitude, Fiz! The weapon, which fires Magic Bullets, is a positive mental attitude.
How do I get that?
If you will mix faith, hope and desire with hard work and enthusiasm, I believe
you will find the result most accurate and accommodating. Now let’s move on.
Remember we must remain focused.