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Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows
We’ll just add a few more insights here and then turn you loose on your adoring
Final Preparations: Use the ad we created earlier and put the words OPEN
HOUSE SUNDAY 12-4 above it. Your open house advertisement should run
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday informing all buyers of Sunday’s event and its
Use Friday and Saturday to deliver facts and features sheets to all your neighbors
while inviting them to attend and bring a friend.
You have the option of times held:
12-4pm Sunday creates a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of time to answer
questions, while allowing people the opportunity to fully investigate the
property and documentation.
1-2pm Sunday creates an auction atmosphere by bringing all interested
parties together at the same time; may also encourage a lender to sit the
open house with you to pre-qualify buyers as they won’t have to stay for
four hours.
Weekday alternative You may choose to show it to certain very hot
prospects on days other than scheduled when there are some truly
outstanding indications that these are serious buyers and they're not going
to wait for Sunday.
I myself Fiz, don’t like to be pressured into making a snap decision on the spot
without having my facts straight and for that reason I try not to do that to other
people (empathy). Yes it may work to get an offer quickly, but that could fall
through after things calm down again. So I recommend that, if you’re not
desperate to sell, you go with the 12-4 pm time slot.
Recap: Have no less than two people present and all valuables put in a secure
place, this includes house keys, purses, firearms, daily planners, laptops, iPods,
Game boys, etc. Keep people honest. All breakables are put away, while candles,
cookies and cider with soft music tuned low is throughout the house.