Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows HTML version

Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows
May I ask why you are moving? (moving up, downsizing, relocation, first time
How long have you been looking? (just started, few days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3
weeks, more)
Do you live in the area? If no, do you have children; give area facts, good
directions, etc…
Will you be buying in the near future? (answer reveals motivation)
How many homes have you looked at so far? (level of familiarity and
When would you ideally like to be settled in? (Will this work for a
closing date?)
We will be showing the home this Sunday from 12 to 4 would
you like to see it then? Y or N
Any further questions I can answer for you today?
This isn’t rocket science, Fiz! The simple fact of the matter is, the more questions
you ask the more information you have at your disposal to begin to transfer the
power as efficiently as possible.
You are qualifying them! Not the other way around
Fax or email further details or direct them to one of your internet listings that
describe in detail additional facts, features, amenities, location, finance
information etc. Set the appointment on a day when others are scheduled as well.
That way, if they don’t show, you’re not standing around with your thumb in
your mouth wondering where they are. You create a sense of urgency on their part
while adopting a Laissez-Faire attitude of your own. Stay calm, cool and collected!
Final preparations for open house day!
All right Fiz, your home should be ready to go regarding preparation as we
thoroughly addressed getting it ready for this event earlier. You should review
those items again prior to your showing date.