Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows HTML version

Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows
The Magical Pre-
Qualification Script
“Choose wisely, grasshopper”
During your questioning try to emphasize the following: security, economic
well-being, a sense of belonging, recognition, and control over one's life.
Seek to create a wise, efficient and mutually beneficial agreement.
Empathy is your magic bullet!
When the phone rings or when you choose to call an interested party back begin
Hello this is (your first name)
May I ask you yours?
Capture the callers’ name and phone number through caller ID or by asking. Use their name!
How did you hear about our home?
Know what advertisement they read so you can add further information to what they already
Do you currently rent or own?
If they rent? When will your lease be up?
If they own: Will you need to sell your present home in order to buy your next one? Yes or
No (circle)
If yes, is your home currently listed? Y or N Do you have a buyer? Y or N
When is your closing date?
Have you spoken with a lender? Yes or No (circle one)
If yes, have you been pre-qualified or pre-approved Y or N
If no, would you like the name of our local lender, they have financial options concerning our