Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows HTML version

Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows
You have been well prepared, my friend! You are also well organized and have
plenty of support. In a moment we are going to execute our strategy according to
plan and, as you will soon see, the elements that have been put into place up to
this point are what will allow you to accomplish your goal in a most effective
PSYCHOLOGY 101: Reading Your Buyers’ Mind
The general rule of negotiation is the party who has the most power wins. That
power often comes in the form of superior skill, knowledge, information, strategy,
brute strength or resolve, resources, support, planning, organization and a unique
ability to execute. All winning professional sports teams exemplify these attributes
according to the degree of confidence they have in using these powers effectively
to achieve their goals.
Magic Bullet: When you seek to give people power that you have,
they will actively try to help you give it to them.
Negotiation as defined in the dictionary: A conferring, discussing or bargaining to
reach agreement. We may also say to transact, haggle, barter, cope, handle, deal
with or manage.
Let’s say that negotiation is a basic means of getting what we want from other
people. The ultimate solution is to let other people believe that your ideas are their
own. If you can achieve that, it only stands to reason that there can’t be any
arguments as the result.
In real estate, the person who appears most desperate will, in most cases, lose the
advantage in negotiation. That of course explains why every real estate buyer
looks for motivated sellers, as it naturally builds in advantages to the buyers'
benefit. Sellers who can wait to get their price effectively reverse this process or, at
the very least, defend against it. In this case, time really is money!
Your first decision then is based on time.
Potential Options
[We are assuming the appraised value of our hypothetical home is $183,500]