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Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows
sheet holder). As many as 50% of home buyers said they saw the sign. Let's make it
a quality one that states the following:
For Sale by Owner
90210 Glenview Oaks Dr.
$199,888 Call 555-1212
Shown by appointment only
Note: It is often recommended that you use the cheaper
signs for corners and intersections, only putting the price
and phone number to call in large letters, so people can
capture that info at speeds up to 45 MPH and call when they
are better prepared to engage you.
Well Fiz, we have worked hard up to this point and, generally speaking, you
would have had to do much of what we have done together already whether you
sold by owner or with a traditional sales organization.
Here is where your true education begins!
Let the Negotiations Begin!
It is now time to deploy the strategy that we have so carefully
Fiz, I want to tell you something before we begin: All the horror stories and
nightmare scenarios that you may have heard in the past regarding deals gone
bad or falling through and costing people fortunes in time, money, aggravation,
frustration, lost opportunity and self esteem more often than not resulted from a
lack of proper preparation, organization, planning and execution of specifically
designed strategies. The reason people fail to achieve what you are about to do is
because they lack the organized information, resources and proper support
structures that are required in order to believe they can do it.