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Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows
Dear Reader:
Thank you for reading our special report. You may consider printing it
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The overall flavor of this work is designed for those of us who have an
interest in real estate related materials. You are free to distribute this file
far and wide to those whom you feel would enjoy and benefit from
reading it.
Throughout the rest of this report we’ll be traveling at electrifying
speeds, so I encourage you to hold on tight. We will be traveling to all
places real estate related on the net while attempting to educate some
friends along the way.
I will be your driver, guide and concierge throughout our journey
together. Please feel free to wander off occasionally to see the sites on
your own when we arrive at various destinations that may be of interest
to you. I’ll be waiting for your return so please take as much time as you
like to fully investigate all that our journey together has to offer.
Oh my! Please excuse me once again; I seem to have an important
message coming over the console here. I hope you don’t mind but it has
come to my attention that we’ll be picking up one more passenger along
the way. It seems this person has an immediate need and that, my
friends, is our call to duty.
Is everyone ready?
Very well then, we’re off!
Please allow me to tell you a story while in route to pick up our fellow voyager. As
you may have noticed, we begin our Journey here at the third crossroad of human
evolution. We’ve already passed through the agricultural age of the 1800’s and our
second revolutionary shift of mechanized mass production of the 1900’s is also