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The Magical PreQualification Script

During your questioning try to emphasize the following: security, economic well-being, a sense of belonging, recognition, and control over one's life. Seek to create a wise, efficient and mutually beneficial agreement.

Empathy is your magic bullet!
When the phone rings or when you choose to call an interested party back begin with:


Hello this is (your first name)


May I ask you yours?
Capture the callers’ name and phone number through caller ID or by asking. Use their name!


How did you hear about our home?
Know what advertisement they read so you can add further information to what they already know.


Do you currently rent or own?
If they rent? When will your lease be up?
If they own: Will you need to sell your present home in order to buy your next one? Yes or No (circle)
If yes, is your home currently listed? Y or N Do you have a buyer? Y or N
When is your closing date?


Have you spoken with a lender? Yes or No (circle one)
If yes, have you been pre-qualified or pre-approved Y or N

If no, would you like the name of our local lender, they have financial options concerning our home.
May I ask why you are moving? (moving up, downsizing, relocation, first time buyer)

How long have you been looking? (just started, few days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3
weeks, more)


Do you live in the area? If no, do you have children; give area facts, good directions, etc…


Will you be buying in the near future? (answer reveals motivation)


How many homes have you looked at so far? (level of familiarity and


When would you ideally like to be settled in? (Will this work for a
closing date?)


We will be showing the home this Sunday from 12 to 4 would you like to see it then? Y or N


Any further questions I can answer for you today?

This isn’t rocket science, Fiz! The simple fact of the matter is, the more questions you ask the more information you have at your disposal to begin to transfer the power as efficiently as possible.

You are qualifying them! Not the other way around

Fax or email further details or direct them to one of your internet listings that describe in detail additional facts, features, amenities, location, finance information etc. Set the appointment on a day when others are scheduled as well. That way, if they don’t show, you’re not standing around with your thumb in your mouth wondering where they are. You create a sense of urgency on their part while adopting a Laissez-Faire attitude of your own. Stay calm, cool and collected!

Final preparations for open house day!

All right Fiz, your home should be ready to go regarding preparation as we thoroughly addressed getting it ready for this event earlier. You should review those items again prior to your showing date.
We’ll just add a few more insights here and then turn you loose on your adoring public.

Final Preparations : Use the ad we created earlier and put the words OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 12-4 above it. Your open house advertisement should run Wednesday, Thursday and Friday informing all buyers of Sunday’s event and its location.

Use Friday and Saturday to deliver facts and features sheets to all your neighbors while inviting them to attend and bring a friend.


You have the option of times held:

12-4pm Sunday creates a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of time to answer questions, while allowing people the opportunity to fully investigate the property and documentation.

1-2pm Sunday creates an auction atmosphere by bringing all interested parties together at the same time; may also encourage a lender to sit the open house with you to pre-qualify buyers as they won’t have to stay for four hours.

Weekday alternative You may choose to show it to certain very hot prospects on days other than scheduled when there are some truly outstanding indications that these are serious buyers and they're not going to wait for Sunday.

I myself Fiz, don’t like to be pressured into making a snap decision on the spot without having my facts straight and for that reason I try not to do that to other people (empathy). Yes it may work to get an offer quickly, but that could fall through after things calm down again. So I recommend that, if you’re not desperate to sell, you go with the 12-4 pm time slot.


Recap: Have no less than two people present and all valuables put in a secure place, this includes house keys, purses, firearms, daily planners, laptops, iPods, Game boys, etc. Keep people honest. All breakables are put away, while candles, cookies and cider with soft music tuned low is throughout the house. They should smell new carpet, paint, cookies, candles, soaps and perfumes not Fido or Fifi. Greet your guests at the door, hand them the facts and features sheets and invite them in. Don’t hover over or follow them around! You may show them a special feature or two and show them the documentation table, otherwise! Let them look on their own. If they have questions, they will ask!

Make sure your yard signs have facts sheets attached; all street corner signs and arrows are posted at appropriate locations. Flags and balloons are waving. In the home have your facts and features sheets, records, including disclosure sheets, warranties, inspection reports, appraisal, home warranty brochures, blank contracts/offer sheets, earnest money agreements along with all the other information we have collected available and neatly displayed in the order we have gathered them, so you’ll pick them out effortlessly.

That’s it Fig! You should have an offer on the table in short order my friend.

If you’d like, you may visit to see plenty of real estate contracts that you can download for free. These can help you understand the finest of detail if you care to investigate further.
You may also type in (“your state” + real estate contracts) into your bar and hit the “I’m feeling lucky" search key to see what you find in your home state.

Yes Fiz, I know what kind of feelings are coming over you now so let’s get ’em while they're hot! Is it fear I hear, Fiz? Are you wondering just how you’re going to handle this offer, acceptance and contract agreement phase of the process? Ah, not to worry my friend, education is the key! Come with me. Let’s get it done!

Let’s assume the people who bring you an offer probably aren’t too knowledgeable about presenting offers and as such are probably going to ask YOU how they’re supposed to present it. Now Fiz, I don’t have your specific contract in front of me so I can’t really hold your hand here but if you will do the following things, then I think once you have an interested buyer you’ll be on your way to the closing table in 45-60 days flat, maybe sooner!

Let’s get to it! Remember, Fiz, you are in control now; this is where you begin to take hold of your future by believing you can! Lean into the directors’ chair and start showing people what to do! They are looking for answers sooooo…give them to them!

Attach the following or something similar to it, to the contract, earnest money agreement or offer sheet that you have provided in your home sale package.

If you would like to make an offer on our home, please indicate the price you are willing to offer along with your full name(s) as you would like them to appear on the title. No earnest money is required at this time. We will reply to your initial offer to inform you of our decision to either accept or offer a counter proposal to your offer within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, if not sooner. If we can come to an initial agreement on price and terms we will at that time ask that you sit down with us and our attorney to further discuss and finalize those agreements to our mutual satisfaction. Again your are under no obligation to us in any way by submitting your offer, so please feel free to take your first step in the process of buying this home.

That’s telling them what to do! Little statements like that are what you use to move along in fine fashion.

OK, you ask, but what do I do when they come back with an offer? What any smart Fiz would do. You sit down and give it an initial review! If it’s an absurdly low offer - say 20% below your asking price - then reject it and move on. If it’s within 15% of your asking price then I suggest you begin looking at the terms they are asking you to accept so that you can formulate a counter offer based upon all the facts as they are presented.

You’re going to have supreme power here and you’re going to get what we came for so let’s see if we can’t help the buyers see it our way, shall we? Also remember, Fiz, that we have a partner here. We hired that attorney earlier so we could confer with and rely upon their expertise to conclude this event in a supremely efficient manner.

Before we bother our attorney, though, we should take into account some of the things that we already have working in our favor along with a couple of those magic bullets that we love to employ oh so well!

Let’s look at what usually spoils a good contract:

No weasels allowed!