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Purchase a Home Warranty
We have one last key to the puzzle of fear removal and then you can prepare to
advertise this properly priced, absolutely flawless home to the world. The last fear
removal tool is a home warranty - and, yes, you'll pay for this, too. They run about
$400 for a one-year policy and protect you as well as transferring to the new
owners when the sale closes.
Home Warranty Resources (find a good warranty company) (home warranties)
You purchase the home warranty last as you now have proof that the systems that
will be protected under the agreement have been inspected and have no existing
defects that would void the coverage.
Time to get perspective, Fiz!
So far we have bought (approximate figures):
1. An attorney:
2. A home inspection:
3. An appraisal:
4. A home warranty:
Total spent:
Ok, so just how will this save you money?
Let’s first take something you may not have considered into our overall plan to get
top dollar. Not many people remove this much fear in the process of selling their
home. Many sellers are completely unprepared for what is in store for them. On
top of this, 3 out of 4 sellers (your supposed competition) are using realtors who
on average charge a 6% commission for what you yourself are doing in far
superior ways.
Using the median average home sale price of $183,500 as of 2004 census statistics
multiplied by 6%, the median average real estate commission would be $11,010.