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for mandatory repairs that must be made before the appraisal will fly through the
lender's underwriting department.
Now we haven’t called for the appraisal yet because we want to find and fix all
defects first for the reasons stated above. While you are accompanying the home
inspector on his inspection, you should be taking notes as well. As you go along,
you will also see things that need cleaning, oiling, tightening, adjusting, replacing
and so forth. Just jot them down on your own pad while you stay close to the
inspector, paying close attention to his recommendations and insights along the
way. Between his list and your own, you will be well on your way to eliminating
those unforeseen problems that aggravate us all. Don’t forget to stop by Frank’s
place at to print a free copy of a great inspection
outline to use during your own walk around.
I will give you a few tips of my own on how to prepare your home completely
inside and out to present the absolute best possible appeal but, as you are seeing,
it makes no sense to do something twice when you can easily go direct to a source
who will give you excellent advice for free.
pay attention to Audrie’s additional resources in the left side bar. Many sites have
this information in their resources. Just look under “resources,” you’re sure to find
Home Improvement
o (plan your work)
o (remodel it)
o (super site)
o (plumbing repair forum)
o (the world of paint)
o touches)
Hire Your Own Appraiser
All right, assuming you have an attorney picked out, your home inspected,
repaired and prepared to show its best, it's time to call the appraiser. You want to,
in effect, sell the home's finer points to the appraiser, let them know of the
upgrades and special features of the home, the new schools, recreational facilities
and so forth. Most appraisers are mathematicians and number-crunching
geniuses. Don’t expect them to spend all day jabbering with you - they take their