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about beforehand. I see it all the time. When buyers get their own inspector they
find things that you should have found and other things that you had no idea
were wrong. In some cases, the codes have changed so what was once acceptable
is now a major issue. With this kind of ammunition the buyers more often than not
are able to negotiate strongly to get price concessions from you and their fear has
been justified! You can’t let that happen. That’s a loss of power for both of you.
By getting your own inspection first, everything will be found, fixed and brought
up to code long before the buyers start looking. Now you won’t delay your closing
date either, waiting to get those things fixed.
Once you have the report, fix what was found wrong and keep the receipts with
the bound report. You’ll be showing it to the perspective buyers. Ideally, you want
them to accept your report at face value; however, if the buyers still have fear then
you should encourage them to call the inspector whose name is on the report.
Note: Their lender may also have an approved
inspector of their own but odds are good that he won’t
find anything major wrong, so that’s $250-$300 well
spent by you!
Get Your Own Home Inspection
You may consider some of these in your travels my friend:
Inspection resources
o (free inspection outline)
o (find a home inspector)
o (1000’s of inspectors)
o (ask a home inspector)
Having the home inspection done before the appraiser is ever called can help you
obtain a higher appraisal. As an appraisal assistant, I believe I am correct in this
assumption. You see, you have also relieved the fear in the appraiser’s mind as
well, and he or she won’t be holding back escrowed funds from your valuations