Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows HTML version

Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows
Organized Effort is Another Magic Bullet!
The appraisal
The inspection report
The home warranty
Sales contracts
Property disclosure sheets
Any preliminary title review documents (Attorney)
Copy of your survey
Current title policy
A copy of your warranty deed
Your latest real estate tax statement
1 year’s worth of utility bills
Copies of any deed restrictions, homeowner’s association rules plus all
home and appliance warranties.
A pest inspection report
Any permits pulled for modifications done
Well flow and septic percolation tests, if applicable
By providing information sheets that give complete details of the facts and
features of your home and including a digital photo of the house, you help them
remember yours.
Appraisal? Hey, I thought the buyers paid for that and their lender called an
approved appraiser from their own list.
Relax Fiz, you’re right, normally the buyer pays and the lender calls for and gets
the report. You’re going to use this twist to great advantage, so please standby
while we go to item number two on our list. That’s the home inspection and
you’re paying for that, too!
Don’t worry Fiz; you’re going to get it all back in the form of a higher sales price.
Here’s how we use these tools to do that.
As we said from the beginning, we are going to remove as much fear from the
buyers as we can! By getting our own inspection done before we show the home,
we have time to find and correct any and all defects that we should have known