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Magic Bullets Kill Sacred Cows
I’m with you, what am I going to do next?
Well Fiz, as you can see my first task with you was to remove your fear, so I think
that is what we must address when we ask others to buy our homes. In reality,
when we’re done here they’ll more likely be begging you to sell it to them.
That brings me to a point that few realize, Fiz. Sure you’re selling land and all the
things that are affixed to it, which includes a bundle of rights, too! That’s a general
definition of real property but what you’re really doing is attempting to transfer
the power that, that object represents. People often are searching for a trouble-free,
pleasurable, aesthetically pleasing, creature comfortable, needs fulfilling, safe,
secure, affordable and convenient place to live. This, my friend, is what sells
homes for top dollar in almost all cases. It works for rentals, too! Until you address
those concerns one by one, you’re going to have unresolved fears, which will make
your job much harder than it ever needs to be.
So, Lesson # 2: Remove as much fear as you can from your
buyer’s mind!
How do I do that?
Well, you already have the proper paperwork and an attorney who will ensure
everyone is treated fairly according to the real estate laws of your state so that
alone relieves the buyers of the thought of how the details of paperwork will be
handled. It is your job to prove to them that you can be trusted to transfer your
power to them effectively.
You may as well round up as many of the following documents as you can, as
they will be used in many ways to help you in marketing your home and
effectively transferring power over it.
For now, let’s take a look at the list:
When you begin the task of collecting as many of the documents below as you can, it pays to
contact a local title company or better yet the one who is named on your title policy first to get
a property profile or ownership and encumbrance report (O&E) A title company
can provide copies of warrantee deeds, mortgage notes, alert you to any
assessments, mechanics liens or unpaid taxes, they may also have surveys & plot
plans revealing encroachments and so forth, this property profile in effect helps to
give your property’s legal title status a clean bill of health, get one if you can and
add it to the list below. Deals fall through when defects (clouds) on the title aren’t cleared up
early. Get your attorney early to get this done.