Magestic - Part 1 HTML version

of any spy he ever knew of. No, this was something quite,
quite different.
The fact that the Magestic letters had been assigned to him
was a great honour for Jack, his career not quite working out
as anticipated in his youth. Thirty-eight years old, if he was
going to do anything noteworthy, he figured, he would have
done so by now. Civil Service retirement at fifty-five loomed
as the only light at the end of the long dark tunnel as he sat in
his basement office, longing for a window.
He smiled when considering why they had assigned him
this task; a degree in psychology. Actually, it was a 2.1, not
so clever. But still, here he sat, grinning smugly at his
assigned task, a task that his superior resented Jack handling.
His boss always read the letters first, just to make a point, but
never gleaned anything of use outside of the obvious facts
detailed. Like the other so-called 'experts’, Jack considered,
his boss was stuck in the detail, not the topics or the style.
Now, he considered again the detail of this latest message as
he worked alone in his office, muttering to himself. 'Playful,
confident, sarcastic almost … yet important, direct,
necessary.’ He made notes, comparing them to a previously
prepared summary.
'Terrorists actions … but only related to us, to the UK, not
to any other country. Posted in the UK, in London, various
central locations, plus Cardiff, Reading and Swindon. Our
friend uses the train a lot, a commuter like myself. Hell, I
may have even sat opposite him, and I’m sure by the tone that
it is a him. Mid to late forties, ex-military or similar I believe,
and a powerful clairvoyant.’ Easing back, his chair issued a
creak of complaint as he tapped his top lip with his pen.
He tipped his head back as far as it would go, stretching
his neck muscles. 'So why tip us off? Why not … bet the
races.’ He raised a pointed finger. 'Maybe he does. Note:
look for big, consistent winners at the races - stock markets
'So far … three IRA attacks, one faulty ship – which sank
unfortunately, one spy escaping the safe house a day early, a