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“Lysis, or Friendship” - Plato I WAS GOING FROM THE ACADEMY straight to the Ly-Palaestra; and the entertainment is generally con-ceum, intending to take the outer road, which is versation, to which you are welcome.

close under the wall. When I came to the postern Thank you, I said; and is there any teacher there?

gate of the city, which is by the fountain of Panops, Yes, he said, your old friend and admirer, Miccus.

I fell in with Hippothales, the son of Hieronymus, Indeed, I replied; he is a very eminent professor.

and Ctesippus the Paeanian, and a company of Are you disposed, he said, to go with me and see young men who were standing with them.


Hippothales, seeing me approach, asked whence I Yes, I said; but I should like to know first, what is came and whither I was going.

expected of me, and who is the favourite among I am going, I replied, from the Academy straight you?

to the Lyceum.

Some persons have one favourite, Socrates, and Then come straight to us, he said, and put in here; some another, he said.

you may as well.

And who is yours? I asked: tell me that, Who are you, I said; and where am I to come?


He showed me an enclosed space and an open At this he blushed; and I said to him, O

door over against the wall. And there, he said, is Hippothales, thou son of Hieronymus! do not say the building at which we all meet: and a goodly that you are, or that you are not, in love; the con-company we are.

fession is too late; for I see that you are not only in And what is this building, I asked; and what sort love, but are already far gone in your love. Simple of entertainment have you?

and foolish as I am, the Gods have given me the The building, he replied, is a newly erected power of understanding affections of this kind.