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11. PIHU
Date: 10.10.2014
Institution: CAMH (Centre for addiction and Mental Health), Toronto. Ontario
Psychiatrist: Dr Sarabjeet Walia
Name: Tyler Stewart
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Treated for: Depressive Illness
CAMH recommended to patient by a general practitioner. Patient earlier treated for milder depression by the same GP. He
has attended counseling services and drop in centers without any positive outcome.
But lately the depressive symptoms are more severe. The symptoms include depressive mood most of the day. Markedly has
diminished interest in all activities. Significant weight loss, a change of more than 5 % of body weight in a month. Insomnia.
Addiction to few drugs. Recurrent thoughts of death.
Analysis: I consider the illness to be severe, though the events that may have triggered its onset are yet to be determined.
Besides psychosocial interventions, I recommend a biological treatment for the patient. Psychotherapy will be secondary to
the use ofmedicationday’sdoseofserzone(nefazodone)isgivenandthepatientisbookedin for another session at 10.30
am on 11.10.2014.
I finished the last note of the day and shut my cyber pad resting the pen on its side.
The computer logged me off in a blinksaying“SayonaraDrWalia”
I stared at the clock impassively. It was five minutes past seven.
This was the time of the day I wish could be erased from my life.
Time to go home.
If a place where you use a bed to sleep and a restroom to shower is a home, then yes it is my home.
Three blocks away from the hospital.
Three fourth of my salary goes in the mortgage repayment of that one bedroom apartment, leaving me just adequate amount
to buy groceries and pay bills. I do manage to put some in emergency savings account every alternate month.