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Lovely Moral Stories for Children

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Published: 5 years ago

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Download this FREE e-Book for a collection of moral-based stories for children, aimed toward helping them develop their ethical perspectives. Download it today!


Hello Munir:A very lovely book, very nice messages and nice stories. Your illustrations and graphics are very nice and I like the idea of activities throughout.I must mention, not to be picky but so that you will be able to fix this or perhaps it is a glitch in this system...some of your pages seem to be mixed together, where the icons/graphics go on top of one another. I am sure you are probably aware of this already, I just wanted to let you know as one author to another.Sincerely,Leesa


Munir Moosa Sewani

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    Aug 2010

    Download this FREE e-Book filled with morally-based stories and activities for children. Download it today!

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