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Love vs. Lust HTML version

Michael caught up to them?
Images of Caleb’s broken lifeless body floated through her mind. Caleb and Dominic were
the only things she had left in this world. Heaven and Hell had taken everything else in their
mad race to claim her. She couldn’t stand the thought of losing them too.
Holly discarded the cones in a nearby bin and moved to the centre of the square, resting on
a huge fountain that shot water out of a fish’s tail. She could see the whole deserted square
from her vantage point; her frantic blue eyes searched every opening for Caleb and
“Please let them be okay.” She prayed to herself.
As time ticked by Holly paced the cobbles continually ringing Dominic’s cell when it went
straight to voicemail she tried Caleb’s. Where were they?
The sun was setting over the buildings that surrounded her when she felt a hand slip into
hers, warmth flowed through her body. She knew it was Caleb even before she turned. His
muscular tanned body pressed up against her own, his sapphire eyes shone through strands
of brown hair.
She clutched him tightly. “Where’ve you been?” She almost yelled never wanting to let go.
His arms wrapped around her i mmediately killing the feeling of dread that dwelled in her
“Hey it’s okay,” he soothed. “I’m right here.” His graceful fingers ran through her raven
curls. She willed her emotions back in line then looked up at him. “What’s going on? And
don’t tell me nothing, you’ve got that look Caleb.” She added before he could answer.
“We ran into a pack of Angels,” he finally said with a sigh. “Don’t worry they’re gone now.”
He told her hurriedly after seeing her anxious expression. “But we can’t stay here any
longer. Dominic went to get your things from the hotel.”
“But I like Venice. We’ve only just got here.” She pouted. Caleb released her. “I’m sorry
Holly but they know we’re here. The city isn’t safe now.”
Holly snubbed at the ground with the toe of her tennis shoe, “dammed Angels.” She spat.
“Hey there’s other places to visit you know, how about New York?”
She stared at him coldly. Holly knew he was trying to cheer her up but she had wanted to
see more of The City of love. For the past six months she had been whisked from one
location to the next, never staying long enough to visit its sights and attractions. It was like
putting a bar of gold in front of you then telling you that you couldn’t touch it. Caleb wasn’t
to blame nor Dominic they were just trying to keep her alive. All Angels were linked meaning
that Caleb was a glowing beacon to the Archangel Michael and Heaven.
He guided her through the quaint streets of Venice. It amazed Holly how he could negotiate
the winding lanes in near darkness, but then again he was an Angel: Sat Navigation came as
Something hit the paving next to her and she jerked her head round. It had sounded like
cement, frowning she looked up just in time to see a shadow lighter than its surroundi ngs
guide over her head silently. She gripped Caleb’s hand tighter then jogged to his side.
“Caleb,” she hissed softly. “Something’s following us.” He looked at her and she motioned