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Love vs. Lust HTML version

Monsters from the Deep
Holly Adams darted around the tiny square with growing desperation. Every side street that
connected to it lead to a dead end, or came to an abrupt halt in sloshing dark water. She
had fumbled around the narrow intricate maze that was Venice for more than fifteen
minutes, without so much as a flash of recognition at any of the landmarks she passed.
Holly juggled melting cones of Ice-cream into one ha nd then rummaged in the back pocket
of her Jean cut-offs for her cell. Gazing down at the complicated touch screen she felt a
longing ness for her old battered Nokia. Dominic had bought her the iPhone as a late
Christmas present so he had said, but Holly knew it was to cut her off from Jo, her best
friend she had had to leave behind in Cherry Falls. It was for Jo’s own safety, people who got
closed to Holly had a knack of dying, but she still missed the outspoken, shaggy haired girl
who had been her best friend since kindergarten.
Diamonds by Rihanna flooded out of the phone’s speaker, causing her to jump nearly
dropping the melting ooze that ran down her fingers. She cursed out loud when she saw the
caller ID, earning a reproachful look from a passing elderly couple. She contemplated not
answering. Holly rarely got time to herself, between her Guardian Angel boyfriend and the
Prince of Hell she was never alone, it frustrated her that they had taken to doing everything
for her, or insisted that she was to be escorted everywhere. Holly appreciated their concern,
guarding her 24 hours a day couldn’t be a walk in the park for them either, but she was sick
of being treated like a child. Rihanna’s voice died only to start up again. Holly took a lick of
her strawberry cone and grinned mischievously. It wouldn’t hurt to make him wait for the
satisfaction of being proved right.
She had begged them to let her go for Ice-Cream, craved the opportunity to show Caleb that
she could stand on her own two feet, he had reluctantly agreed despite Dominic’s
misgivings, letting out a heavy breath Holly pushed the slider along and accepted the call.
“What took you so bloody long?” Dominic’s annoyed tone greeted her ear.
“I had to find my phone.” She lied. He uttered something she couldn’t catch over the static.
“Where are you?”
“Err…” She hesitated.
“Are you lost?” She heard the smugness in his voice and pictured the wide grin that she
knew would be parting his ruby red lips. “No.” She said sternly.
“Jeez princess the vendor was only down the street.”
“I’m not lost Dominic! Just got turned around is all.” She added sheepishly. A grunt of pain
and the smashing of glass travelled down the line. “What was that?” She asked, her spider
sense tingling. “What’s going on?”
“Just stay where you, we’ll come to you.” He hung up.
Holly looked down at the bright screen perplexed, what the hell was that about? Had