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The Male Hunter –
What Men Desires
Although men and women aren’t much different in the sense that we all want to be
loved and appreciated by our partners, conflict is most evident in the way men and
women choose to communicate with one another in a relationship.
The truth is the male brain is actually extremely different to the female brain, and the
more you understand how men think, the more success you will have with
communicating with them.
In the prehistoric times men assumed the role of hunter. As a result they developed a
brain better suited for assessing situation, calculating speed, tracking and mapping…
in other words the logical side of the brain. This can definitely explain why modern
men take better to video games, sports, golf and other more technical activities such
as using computers.
Of course this doesn’t mean to say all men are into these things but as a general rule,
these are the things their brains are more wired to do.
© Katie Wang
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