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Love's Break Up – Explosive Tips For Getting Your Love Back
Conclusion -
Where to from here?
I hope this e-book has been helpful to you. My goal was to show you that life after
your break up doesn't have to be as bleak and terrible as it seems right now.
When you have a plan, when you know where you're going, you're strong and rooted
and you don't need anyone to make you complete.
I have been exactly where you are, feeling like my heart will never heal and
downright bitter about loving again, but you know what, I recovered a LOT sooner
than I thought and you know why? Because I had outside interests and a purpose in
life apart from my ex.
The scariest thing is when you come out of your relationship and find out you have
lost your identity along the way. This is exactly why you need to find it again! I can't
stress how important it is to have interests outside of your partner and your
relationship. You are NOT the girlfriend / boyfriend / spouse of so and so, you are
Whether you get your love back or not, remember you don't need them in your life to
be complete.
Ironically, it seems for many, ex's always know to come back when you least need
them anymore. So the sooner you cease to care about your ex coming back, the
sooner they will come back =)
I've attached further helpful resources at the end of this e-book for you.
I wish you all the best in love, health and wealth!
Good Luck!
Katie W.
© Katie Wang
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