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Love's Break Up – Explosive Tips For Getting Your Love Back
The Secret to Understanding You
Although it helps to understand what women and men want and need out of a
relationship, it’s important for you to assess where it all went wrong in your own
relationship. Often there are multiple issues being the cause for your relationship
troubles. You need to assess the damage and acknowledge where the problem lies.
Is it a communication problem? Do you find yourself constantly arguing about trivial
matters or problems aroused from misunderstandings?
Or are you simply too different in terms of your life goals and ambitions?
Are there outside forces tearing you apart? Or has your relationship simply turned
stale and lifeless?
Pinpoint the issues and jot them down. Stop yourself from wanting to blame, instead
look at where the miscommunications lie and how things can be improved. Would it
help if you both were honest and upfront about your feelings? Are you willing to
compromise for the sake of the relationship? Is your ex or your partner willing to
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