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Love's Break Up – Explosive Tips For Getting Your Love Back
The Emotional Female –
What Women Craves
In contrast to men, women are naturally more in-tune with their emotions and
feelings. They’re better at spotting detail and reading body language. Women, as the
nurturer, tend to want to take care of things. Women feel men are like children, who
need a woman to take care of them.
It’s because women are usually the ones to look after and care for their man, they can
start to feel under-appreciated when their efforts are not acknowledged. While men
are busy trying to be the ‘man’ of the relationship, they fail to appreciate or notice the
little things women do for them.
Once a woman feels she isn’t loved or appreciated anymore, she’ll soon start to look
elsewhere. In the same respect, if she feels the man isn’t providing enough for her
(support, security, love etc), she’ll also feel inclined to look for those things
Men might want to say women are confusing and because their actions doesn't
always make sense, some may even call women evil.
Women are much more emotion-driven than men. This can certainly make their
reasoning and actions seem rather spontaneous and difficult. Women also have a wild
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