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Dramatis Personae



SIR SAMPSON LEGEND, father to Valentine and Ben,--Mr Underhill.

VALENTINE, fallen under his father's displeasure by his expensive way of living, in love with Angelica,--Mr Betterton.

SCANDAL, his friend, a free speaker,--Mr Smith.

TATTLE, a half-witted beau, vain of his amours, yet valuing himself for secrecy,-Mr Bowman.

BEN, Sir Sampson's younger son, half home-bred and half sea-bred, designed to marry

Miss Prue,--Mr Dogget.

FORESIGHT, an illiterate old fellow, peevish and positive, superstitious, and pretending to understand astrology, palmistry, physiognomy, omens, dreams, etc; uncle to Angelica,--Mr Sanford.

JEREMY, servant to Valentine,--Mr Bowen.

TRAPLAND, a scrivener,--Mr Triffusis.

BUCKRAM, a lawyer,--Mr Freeman.


ANGELICA, niece to Foresight, of a considerable fortune in her own hands,--Mrs Bracegirdle.

MRS FORESIGHT, second wife to Foresight,--Mrs Bowman.

MRS FRAIL, sister to Mrs Foresight, a woman of the town,--Mrs Barry.

MISS PRUE, daughter to Foresight by a former wife, a silly, awkward country girl,--Mrs Ayliff.

NURSE to MISS,--Mrs Leigh.

JENNY,--Mrs Lawson.


The Scene in London.