Love Is HTML version

How is it we fit together so well?
You short, me tall
Yet spooned in bed, the same.
You the flower, me the bee
Buzzing through life's garden.
Why do I love you so much?
I want to play ferrets
Why are you so naughty?
You make me laff
Why do you do that?
I didn't hear the alarm
Where's my morning coffee?
You forgot to wash my back
How much is in the bank?
You need a haircut
Is that a spot on your nose?
Can I squeeze it?
Why is the day so long?
The loneliness so complete?
The heart so sad?
The head so disconnected?
When you're not here.
Sometimes I feel so sad
Because I've said a wrong word
And killed the sparkle in your eyes.
Sometimes I feel so happy
Because I've said a right word
And brought a smile to your eyes.
But always I feel so lucky
As together - with no word
We speak the language of love.