Love Is HTML version

The harsh taste of your mother's death;
as she gave up her struggle
and left you behind.
All things wiped away now
With the edge of a curtain.
Standing on the sand, I’m surrounded by you.
Your form evident around me
In the gentle undulations of the dunes.
Reflecting the curves of your breasts
And the sensual sweep of your thighs.
The moon carries memories of your milky skin
And the breeze, the warmth of your breath on my lips.
The sea spray, the tangy taste of your hotness
In the aftermath of our lovemaking.
Yet when I reach for you, you slip through my fingers
Like the rising smoke from the fire that warms me.
Tenuous and mystical,
It carries my dream towards the heavens.
And as my tears trace memories down my cheeks,
My soul cries for you, beneath the darkening clouds
Now, as the dawn slithers
Its red tentacles across the lightening sky,
And I wake with a softening hardness
Pressed against my thigh
I know, I’ve dreamt of you
Somewhere I hear the sweet sound
Of a flower opening
And as it turns towards the sun
Its brightness blinds me,
For from the shadows of the passing cloud
Your face smiles down upon me.
Such beauty is hard to face full on
But I must, because it is given
Freely and with truth.
Smiling softly I take this wonder,
Cradling in it trembling hands,
Hearing a soft sigh as I hold it to my lips,
Kissing it softly before
Allowing it to flutter away.