Love Is HTML version

And I turn, confused,
Like a spinning top
That never quite settles
How can a world so big, so overwhelmingly vast,
Seem so small when you enter it?
Drawing me down to just a few small gestures,
Compressing my emotions so tightly,
That I turn, light hearted,
Like a newborn
That never knows sadness.
How much do I love you?
Let me count the ways . . .
Best not hang around
This could take quite some time
Seems to me that I’m expanding
Seems to me that love is banding
Seems to me that chance is landing
Seems to me that time is standing
Seems one soft word sets me a’fire
Seems one soft word fills my desire
Seems one soft word lifts me much higher
Seems one soft word makes fate a liar
It's wet out again,
and your tears run down
the windowpane.
Touching them brings you back.
Damp patches on my fingertips,
cool receptacle of our love.
Your tears are salty
as I savour their memory.
Salty, soft and tentative.
This one, our wedding day;
your face is reflected in its shape,
framing your beauty from within.
Here, our child's first hurt.
You cried with her. I,
not being there, cried later.