Love Is HTML version

And as my mind flutters into your hot flame,
a moth drawn to a blinding light,
you whisper your wishes at me
and I can do nothing but be consumed.
Smokey thoughts cradle tentative emotions
That wend their way through the deepest reaches
And as I look inwards towards the deeps
I feel the strength of your mind.
Through your medium you bring life
Spread across a weaved world
Touched by the finest of hairs
Born with colours from your mind.
And as my life dries on your easel
Your interpretations reflect my truth
That I wandered sometimes lost
Until rescued and held in your mind.
Catch me as I fall
Having tried to lasso
The sunset for you
Hold me in your perfect mind
As I wonder how
I've been picked by you
You smiled when I said 'ello
And I nodded and smiled back.
You raised your eyebrows when I sat next to you
And I sat with my hands in my lap.
You said, "Your a nob," laughing at my surprise
And I looked at the floor confused.
You said, "Come back tomorrow”
And I nodded as I left.
Then the miracle happened and I was reborn
You whispered in my ear, “Now you have a soul”
And I stood tall and proud.
You nodded at the transformation
And I sat quietly contemplating.