Love Is HTML version

We began with the corners;
the smile, the words, the touch, the kiss,
filling the spaces between with straight edges,
made fun by the curves on opposite sides.
We picked from our jumble of experiences
the jigs we thought might fit,
learning together which bits matched,
those to throw away.
After completing our love-saw,
clicking the last emotion into place,
and no longer needing the guide,
we hugged and discarded the box.
How high can I fly
Before I get burnt by your heat?
You cradle me in your warmth and safety
And I grow with each encounter.
Somewhere, hidden away, deep in my mind
Is a place reserved for you,
Where your fears will be held,
Your wishes be met with understanding
And your love be returned a thousand fold.
And as I look down
From the high place you've taken me,
I hold out my mind
Waiting for your hand.
'Neath blue shaded skies,
see a swirling white mind:
A straight stem, decked in violet,
with eyes raised to a higher sun.
Little butterfly of emotions
painting pictures on my mind;
fluttering around a flame of gold,
on tinted wings, tipped with honest colours.
Mind on mind, you pass my hiding place,
gathering your strength,
distorting my time.
The seconds I am with you,
the eons in between.