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Love Is

Collected poems 2010


Peter Barns


Published by Boddaert Books at Smashwords


Copyright 2010 Peter Barns



Smashwords Edition, License Notes.

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These poems are a work of fiction. The names, characters and events portrayed are the work of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is coincidental.





Love Is

Love Above All Else

Little Butterfly

The Mentalist

Mind The Step

I Nodded

New Heights



Three Million And Eight


It's Wet Out Again

Worlds Within Worlds

Deep Beauty

Gentle Strength

Extreme Emissions Of Coherent Love



So Fitting

Love The Things You Say



Colour Me Love

You Are

Know What I Mean?


Why Do I Love You?

You Are






We began with the corners;

the smile, the words, the touch, the kiss,

filling the spaces between with straight edges,

made fun by the curves on opposite sides.


We picked from our jumble of experiences

the jigs we thought might fit,

learning together which bits matched,

those to throw away.


After completing our love-saw,

clicking the last emotion into place,

and no longer needing the guide,

we hugged and discarded the box.


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How high can I fly

Before I get burnt by your heat?

You cradle me in your warmth and safety

And I grow with each encounter.

Somewhere, hidden away, deep in my mind

Is a place reserved for you,

Where your fears will be held,

Your wishes be met with understanding

And your love be returned a thousand fold.

And as I look down

From the high place you've taken me,

I hold out my mind

Waiting for your hand.


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'Neath blue shaded skies,

see a swirling white mind:

A straight stem, decked in violet,

with eyes raised to a higher sun.

Little butterfly of emotions

painting pictures on my mind;

fluttering around a flame of gold,

on tinted wings, tipped with honest colours.

Mind on mind, you pass my hiding place,

gathering your strength,

distorting my time.

The seconds I am with you,

the eons in between.

And as my mind flutters into your hot flame,

a moth drawn to a blinding light,

you whisper your wishes at me

and I can do nothing but be consumed.


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Smokey thoughts cradle tentative emotions

That wend their way through the deepest reaches

And as I look inwards towards the deeps

I feel the strength of your mind.


Through your medium you bring life

Spread across a weaved world

Touched by the finest of hairs

Born with colours from your mind.


And as my life dries on your easel

Your interpretations reflect my truth

That I wandered sometimes lost

Until rescued and held in your mind.


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Catch me as I fall

Having tried to lasso

The sunset for you


Hold me in your perfect mind

As I wonder how

I've been picked by you


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You smiled when I said 'ello

And I nodded and smiled back.

You raised your eyebrows when I sat next to you

And I sat with my hands in my lap.

You said, "Your a nob," laughing at my surprise

And I looked at the floor confused.

You said, "Come back tomorrow”

And I nodded as I left.

Then the miracle happened and I was reborn


You whispered in my ear, “Now you have a soul”

And I stood tall and proud.

You nodded at the transformation

And I sat quietly contemplating.

You gave me emotions to wear

And I wore them proudly.

You gave me my first kiss

And I fell in love.

Then the miracle happened and you said , “Yes.”


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She came in the night

Her words carried on a soft sigh

That channelled my senses to new heights

And floated my soul across tossing waves

Whilst my heart stopped under her fingers

And I was born anew

My passing no longer certain


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Did I catch a beautiful sunset

Or a passing cloud?

Did I look into the sun and was blinded

Or did the moon steal my gaze?


Or maybe I caught sight of you,

As you fluttered past on silken wings,

Trailing your hurts behind you;

Leaving me no choice

But to share your load.


It hurts now when we part.

I return to emptiness.

No more riding the currents,

Where I fly with you mind on mind.

A part of me you always share;

A part of you I dream I do.


Ripped as I am,

I can only shed my tears;

My blinded eyes turn towards heaven

And murmur, ‘Touch me lightly for

The pain I feel now is the pain of love.’


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Every day you slide a little nearer.

Each breath, like a breeze in the night

Carries you nearer to here.

My mind tells me here, my heart there,

And I turn, confused,

Like a spinning top

That never quite settles


How can a world so big, so overwhelmingly vast,

Seem so small when you enter it?

Drawing me down to just a few small gestures,

Compressing my emotions so tightly,

That I turn, light hearted,

Like a newborn

That never knows sadness.


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How much do I love you?

Let me count the ways . . .


Best not hang around

This could take quite some time


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Seems to me that I’m expanding

Seems to me that love is banding

Seems to me that chance is landing

Seems to me that time is standing


Seems one soft word sets me a’fire

Seems one soft word fills my desire

Seems one soft word lifts me much higher

Seems one soft word makes fate a liar


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It's wet out again,

and your tears run down

the windowpane.

Touching them brings you back.

Damp patches on my fingertips,

cool receptacle of our love.

Your tears are salty

as I savour their memory.

Salty, soft and tentative.

This one, our wedding day;

your face is reflected in its shape,

framing your beauty from within.

Here, our child's first hurt.

You cried with her. I,

not being there, cried later.

The harsh taste of your mother's death;

as she gave up her struggle

and left you behind.

All things wiped away now

With the edge of a curtain.


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Standing on the sand, I’m surrounded by you.

Your form evident around me

In the gentle undulations of the dunes.

Reflecting the curves of your breasts

And the sensual sweep of your thighs.


The moon carries memories of your milky skin

And the breeze, the warmth of your breath on my lips.

The sea spray, the tangy taste of your hotness

In the aftermath of our lovemaking.


Yet when I reach for you, you slip through my fingers

Like the rising smoke from the fire that warms me.

Tenuous and mystical,

It carries my dream towards the heavens.

And as my tears trace memories down my cheeks,

My soul cries for you, beneath the darkening clouds


Now, as the dawn slithers

Its red tentacles across the lightening sky,

And I wake with a softening hardness

Pressed against my thigh


I know, I’ve dreamt of you


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Somewhere I hear the sweet sound

Of a flower opening

And as it turns towards the sun

Its brightness blinds me,

For from the shadows of the passing cloud

Your face smiles down upon me.


Such beauty is hard to face full on

But I must, because it is given

Freely and with truth.

Smiling softly I take this wonder,

Cradling in it trembling hands,

Hearing a soft sigh as I hold it to my lips,

Kissing it softly before

Allowing it to flutter away.


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You walk tall through my mind

On lithe limbs made stronger

By a steely determination

And I look out into deep blue pools

That transcends mere sight

Taking me, as they do

On a flight into the unknown


How can it be that your strength

Has seeped into my soul

And now carries me along a bright path

Towards a greater understanding

Led, as I am, by your gentle touch

And sweet red lips, that whisper your love


And all the while my heart aches

For I know this is but a dream

And one day I must awake.


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Love Love Love Love Love Love

I love you you love you

You love me love me love

Love Love Love Love Love Love


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Do you know what?

You make me laff

And that's real love


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I paint you red

You paint me blue

I paint you happy

You paint me sad

Then we reverse the painting

And begin again on the back


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How is it we fit together so well?

You short, me tall

Yet spooned in bed, the same.

You the flower, me the bee

Buzzing through life's garden.


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Why do I love you so much?

I want to play ferrets

Why are you so naughty?

You make me laff

Why do you do that?

I didn't hear the alarm

Where's my morning coffee?

You forgot to wash my back

How much is in the bank?

You need a haircut

Is that a spot on your nose?

Can I squeeze it?


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Why is the day so long?

The loneliness so complete?

The heart so sad?

The head so disconnected?

When you're not here.


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Sometimes I feel so sad

Because I've said a wrong word

And killed the sparkle in your eyes.


Sometimes I feel so happy

Because I've said a right word

And brought a smile to your eyes.


But always I feel so lucky

As together - with no word

We speak the language of love.


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See this piece:

The red one with the little spikes?

That goes here.


Now this piece:

The yellow one?

That goes there.


And this green one:

Slightly worn but still usable?

That'll span those two, see, like this.


Now this purple piece:

Have I misplaced it?

Oh well, never mind.


Use this one instead:

Golden like my passion.

A keystone for our love.


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I'm an old dog

Who knows you're on your way

Not because he hears the car

Or because he smells your scent


I'm an old cat

Purring by the fire

Who knows any minute now

You'll open the gate


I'm an old lover

Who knows the brightness

That suddenly floods my eyes

Means you're back


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It’s a load of rubbish

Lettuce is lettuce

Just caterpillar food


Know what I mean?


I mean it ain’t a rose is it?

Or a great big bouquet?

It’s just a bloody lettuce


Know what I mean?


But you: well you?

You’re the moonlight

You’re the stars high in the night sky


Know what I mean?


No lettuce you.


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If I could spray you on the wall

The graffiti guys would stare in awe.


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Because you turn your jumper inside out

when you’ve covered it in paint

Because you make me cups of tea

when I’m drilling holes through the wall

Because you understand

when I mess up and forget to collect you

Because the world spins a little faster

when you smile at me


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The sugar in my tea

The egg ‘longside my bacon

The marmalade on my toast

The onions on my steak

The sizzle in my sausage


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About the author:



Peter Barns live in the Highlands of Scotland.

Retired, he now spends his time writing and refurbishing houses.

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Connect with me online:

Website: http//

Twitter: http:!/peterbarns




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Also available in paperback format by the same author at

7 Days In May

Fire Rock

Hobart at Home


Love Is

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