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Lot's Wife
In the early pages of the Bible we are introduced to a man
named Abraham, the great man of faith. Abraham, the
son of Terah, had two brothers (Nahor and Haron).
Haron had a son named Lot. When Abraham left Ur both
Terah and Lot went with him. Sarah (Abraham's wife)
also left Ur and journeyed with him. At this point in
time, Abraham was known as Abram and Sarah was
called Sarai. This group of travelers moved to the city of
Haran (the original plan had been to move to the land of
Canaan). While at Haran, Terah died. Terah was two
hundred and five years old when he died.
In Haran the LORD tells Abram to leave his country,
relatives, and his father's house. Abram is told to go to
the land that God would show to him. Abram, Sarai, Lot,
and all their possessions (along with servants) left Haran
and set out for the land of Canaan. When they arrive at
Canaan the LORD told Abram that his descendants
would be given this land. The group stayed in Canaan for
a time but later moved on to Egypt because of a famine in
the land of Canaan.
Later when this group left Egypt they were very wealthy
(due to the Pharaoh's attraction to Sarai, whom Abram
passed off as his sister). Both Abram and Lot left Egypt