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Some other works of Dr. Cheairs.

00002.jpgThe Doors Back to Eden is a Christian adventure video

The Doors Back to Eden is a Christian adventure video game which is carefully designed to teach Bible truths in a very enjoyable way. The game starts in the desert and ends in heaven eternal. The game comes on a CD along with an instruction book and a hint book.
Walk through the tabernacle in all of its splendor and then speak to God as a pillar of fire above the ark with its cherubim. Next enter the city of God and pick fruit from the trees of Life or Knowledge of Good and Evil in Eden. See cherubim as Ezekiel saw them. Also, learn the meaning, which is not some silly UFO.

Requires a Macintosh computer with a CD drive, color screen, and any OS from 6.0 on.


Sorry there is no PC version of this game.

Suggested Price: $ 29.95
Authors Price: $ 15.95 plus shipping.


Forces and Faces, begins with the idea that since the same God is said to have spoken the universe into existence and also inspired (God breathed) the words of the Bible through various writers, then it is logical to assume there should be a common stile between the two works. Just as an expert can compare handwriting or two painting and say they come from a common source. In this book the stile of the creation as taken from modern science is compared to the stile of the Bible. Other topics are covered during this process; for example Dr. Cheairs explains the fruit on the trees of Life and Knowledge of Good and Evil. Showing Eve did not eat some stupid apple. Also the rivers of Eden are explained.

ISBN 0-7414-0207-6, published by Buy Books on the web.com. Can be purchased from the publisher, Barns & Noble, Amazon, and other sources.

Suggested US price $15.95


Authors price: $10.00 plus shipping

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http://hometown.aol.com/scheairs/Unicorn Site/Unicorn_Forest.html


The Great Wall of Forgetfulness is a
Christian science fiction book designed to take the reader to a universe populated by sinless eternal humans which long to know their origin. This book is written in the stile of science fiction from the golden age of sci fi. It is a mystery, it is a romance, told in the setting of brass and glass science fiction.

Unlike modern science fiction the only monsters found in this book are humans as we know ourselves today. We are seen through the eyes of the righteous of a new heaven and new earth
Hardback ISBN 0-7388-1959-x and softback ISBN 0-7388-1960-3, published by Xlibris. Can be purchased from the publisher, Barns & Noble, Amazon, and other sources.

Suggested US price for hardback $25.00 Suggested US price for softback $14.40 Authors hardback price: $20.50 plus shipping
Authors softback price: $11.00 plus shipping
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The Right Hand of Creation, A step by step comparison of current Science to Genesis 1-3. Shows a 100% agreement between the two accounts. Relativity shows how it can be true that God witnessed 6 days for creation and the universe as we know it saw 12 billion years pass.

Four Witnesses to Testify Against Mankind, this book presents the four witnesses established by God to whose testimony will convict man of the capital offence of sin at the Great White Thrown Trial. Two of these witnesses have been killed in the streets for 3.5 days of the week of tribulation.

From My Heart, poems of Dr. L. Steven Cheairs. These fall into various
categories. Poems of romance, heart break, about nature, or friendship are all contained in these pages.