Lost Romance Found HTML version

Lost Romance Found
Forty-four year old Debra Neville sat curled on her floral sofa. It was one-o'clock in the
morning. The late,late show was on but Debra wasn't watching. Rehashing the past had
robbed her of sleep. Finally, ending up out of bed and on the sofa, her thoughts
continued. I wonder whatever happened to Tina? she pondered staring into space. It had
been close to twenty years since she had seen Tina. But Debra vividly recalled their first
Sandy, Debra's best friend had been shopping for fabric that day with her sister,Tina
when Debra ran into them at Beki's Fabric Store. It was no secret that Tina disliked
Debra, making greetings awkward and the conversation short. The following week
found Sandy and Debra together in the same fabric store.
"Tina wants to come with us the next time we shop for fabric," Sandy announced
nervously as the two friends strolled through the Store. Debra stopped suddenly. In
wide-eyed disbelief, she turned to Sandy.
"Why! She don't sew. She don't even know how."