Losing Lincoln HTML version

Based in great part on W ikiped ia and their Project Gutenberg for their
vast collection of pu blic dom ain materials, includin g, in no sm all part of
the 1914 book
“Abraham Lincoln-A Story and A Play”.
This book is directed toward and dedicated to more youthful readers and
the adults who teach those students. Lincoln’s story is a great model for
honesty, integrity, thrift , hard work and determination. Abr aham Lin coln
obviou sly owed h is su ccess to setting go als for himself and following
through. This story of his life exemplifies all the best qualitie s we, a vast
majority of tho se hear from, wish for ourselves an d our ch ildren. W ithout
Going into detail about the brilliant po litical and government policy
details of his career, this bo ok details the excitin g an d ad venturous life
Lincoln lead from his childh ood and up to the time of his assassin ation.
The greatest value o f this bo ok will be to show youthful readers how
important the moral qualities already mentioned, are to anyone who
aspires to su cceed in life .