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en, in, on.

enamorarse, to fall in love.

encajar, to place, insert, inclose.

encaje, m. , lace.

encantadora, charming.

encantar, to charm, enchant.

encargar, to charge, commit.

encargo, m. , request, command.

encarnado, ponerse --, to blush.

encarnizamiento, m. , rage, fury.

encender, to burn, light.

encerrar, to enclose, shut.

encima, on, above, over.

encontrar, to find, encounter.

encuentras; see encontrar.

encuentro, m. , encounter, meeting.

enemigo, m. , enemy.

energía, f. , energy, vigor.

enérgicamente, energetically.

enfadar, to vex, offend, anger.

enfangarse, to get muddy.

enfrente, opposite, in front.

engrosar, to increase.

enjambre, m. , crowd, multitude.

enjaular, to cage, imprison, confine.

enjugar, to dry.

enlutado, dressed in mourning.

ennegrecer, to blacken, darken.

enojar, to vex, offend, displease.

enorme, enormous, vast.

enronquecido, hoarse, rough.

ensartar, to string, invent.

ensayar, to try, practice.

ensayo, m. , trial, exercise.

enseñar, to teach, show.

enseñorear, to command, possess one's self of a thing.

ensuciar, to soil.

ensueño, m. , sleep.

enterar, to inform, acquaint.

entereza, f. , firmness.

enternecimiento, m. , compassion, pity.

entero, entire, complete; por --, entirely.

entonces, then.

entornar, to turn.

entrada, f. , entrance.

entrambos, both.

entrante, entering.

entrar en, to enter.

entre, between, among.

entregar, to deliver, restore.

entresuelo, m. , floor between the ground floor and the first floor.

entretener, to entertain, please, amuse.

entusiasmar, to enrapture, make enthusiastic.

entusiasmo, m. , enthusiasm.

envenenar, to poison, reproach.

enviar, to send.

envolver, to wrap up.

envuelto, pp. of envolver.

epistolar, epistolary.

época, f. , epoch, time.

era; see ser.

éramos; see ser.

errar, to wander, err.

es; see ser.

esa, dem. pron. , f. , that.

escalar, to scale, climb.

escalera, f. , stair.

escalofrío, m. , shiver.

escamada, offended, irritated.

escandaloso, scandalous, disgraceful.

escapar, to escape.

escaparate, m. , showcase.

escápate, get away.

escape, a --, quickly.

escapulario, m. , two slips of cloth, on one of which is painted or embroidered a likeness of the Virgin.

escasear, to decrease.

escasísimo, very small, scanty.

escaso, small, short, scanty.

escena, f. , the stage, scene.

escondite, m. , hiding-place, concealment.

escribano, m. , clerk, notary public.

escribir, to write.

escrito, pp. of escribir.

escuchar, to hear, listen to.

esforzar, to strengthen, enforce.

esfuerzo, m. , effort, endeavor, vigor.

esmero, m. , care, niceness.

eso, dem. pron. , that.

espaciarse, to walk to and fro.

espacio, m. , space.

espalda, f. , shoulder.

espanto, m. , fright, surprise.

espantoso, frightful, dreadful.

España, f. , Spain.

esparcir, to scatter.

espectáculo, m. , spectacle, show.

espectador, m. , spectator.

esperanza, f. , hope, expectance.

esperar, to hope, expect, wait for.

espeso, thick, dense.

espesor, m. , thickness.

espirar, to expire, exhale.

espíritu, m. , spirit, genius, ardor.

espléndido, splendid.

esposa, f. , wife.

esquina, f. , corner.

esta, dem. pron. , this.

establecer, to establish.

estado, m. , state, condition.

estado, pp. of estar.

Estado Mayor, staff of an army.

estancia, f. , room, stay.

estar, to be.

estático, ecstatic.

estatua, f. , statue.

estatura, f. , stature.

este, dem. pron. , m. , this; éste, the latter.

estética, f. , esthetics.

estómago, m. , stomach.

esto, dem. pron. , this.

estorbar, to hinder, obstruct, intrude.

estoy, I am.

estrago, m. , ravage, waste.

estrechar, to tighten, compress, contract.

estrella, f. , star.

estrellado, star-spangled.

estremecimiento, m. , trembling, shaking.

estremecer, to shake, tremble.

estrépito, m. , noise, clamor.

estridente, strident, stridulous.

estropear, to cripple, mutilate, cut.

estudiar, to study.

estupefacto, motionless, stupefied.

estuvieron; see estar.

estuviese; see estar.

estuviésemos; see estar.

estuvo; see estar.

evitar, to avoid.

exhalar, to exhale.

exhortación, f. , exhortation.

exhortar, to exhort.

exigir, to demand, require.

existir, to exist.

expansivo, expansive.

experimentar, to experiment, experience.

explicar, to explain.

explorar, to explore.

exponer, to expose, explain.

expresivo, expressive.

expuesto, pp. of exponer.

expuso; see exponer.

exquisito, exquisite.

extender, to extend.

extenso, extensive.

extiende; see extender.

extraño, strange, foreign.

extremadamente, extremely.

extremo, extreme.


fachada, f. , facade.

facilitar, to facilitate.

fácil, easy; lo --, how easy.

falsete, m. , falsetto.

falta, f. , fault, want, defect; hacer --, to need, want.

faltar, to fail, be wanting.

familia, f. , family.

farol, m. , lantern.

fatal, fatal, mortal, unlucky.

fatídico, fatidical.

fatigar, to tire, fatigue.

Favorita, La, title of an opera.

fe, f. , faith.

felices, pl. of feliz.

felicidad, f. , felicity, happiness.

feliz, happy, fortunate.

felonía, f. , felony.

fénix, m. , phenix, unique person.

feo, ugly.

feroz, ferocious, cruel.

fervorosamente, fervently.

fiel, faithful, true.

figura, f. , figure, form.

figurar, to figure, imagine.

fijar, to fix, fasten.

fijo, pp. of fijar, fixed, firm.

fila, f. , row, line, file.

filtrar, to filter.

fin, m. , purpose, end; por --, finally; al --, at last; en --, in fine, finally; a -- de, in order that.

fino, fine, perfect, pure.

firmamento, m. , firmament.

fisonomía, f. , physiognomy, features.

flamante, flaming, bright.

flamenco, relating to Flanders.

flaquear, to grow feeble.

flojedad, f. , weakness, feebleness.

fomeno, m. , protection, support; department for the promotion of material and intellectual interests.

fonda, f. , hotel, inn.

fondo, m. , bottom, character.

forma, f. , form, shape.

formación, f. , formation.

formal, formal, serious, sedate.

formar, to form.

fortuna, f. , fortune, chance; por --, fortunately.

fracaso, m. , ruin, downfall.

fractura, f. , fracture.

franco, adj. , frank, open, generous.

franco, m. , a coin worth about twenty cents.

frase, f. , phrase, sentence.

frenético, frantic, distracted.

frente, f. , forehead, face.

fresco, fresh, cool.

frescura, f. , freshness, coolness.

frío, m. , cold.

fruncir las cejas, to knit the eyebrows.

fue; see ser and ir.

fuego, m. , fire; -- fatuo, jack o' lantern; alto el --, cease firing; -- graneado (a military term), firing at will.

fuente, f. , fountain, spring of water.

fuera; see ser.

fuera, outside, out.

fueron; see ser.

fuerte, strong.

fuertemente, strongly.

fuerza, f. , force, strength; a la --, by force.

fuese; see ser.

fuesen; see ser.

fui; see ser and ir.

fúnebre, mournful, sad.

funerario, funeral.

furioso, furious, mad.

futura, f. , betrothed, fiancée.


gabán, m. , coat.

gabinete, m. , cabinet, small room.

galán, m. , gallant, courtier.

galante, gallant.

gana, f. , inclination, desire.

ganancia, f. , gain, profit.

ganar, to give, earn.

garantía, f. , guarantee.

garganta, f. , throat.

garrote, m. , a capital punishment consisting of strangling with an iron collar.

gemido, m. , groan, lamentation.

generalizar, to generalize.

generoso, noble, generous.

genio, genius, temper.

gente, f. , people, persons.

gentil, genteel, handsome.

gestión, f. , exertion, effort.

gestionar, to solicit.

gesto, m. , face, grimace, gesture.

gloriarse, to boast.

golpe, blow, strike.

golpear, to beat, strike.

gorjeo, m. , chirp, warble.

gorra, f. , cap.

gorro, m. , cap.

gota, f. , drop.

gozar con, or de, to enjoy.

gracia, f. , grace, favor, pardon.

gracias, f. , thanks.

gracioso, graceful, beautiful.

gran, great.

grande, great, large.

gratitud, f. , gratitude.

grato, grateful, pleasing.

grave, grave, mortal, important.

gravedad, f. , gravity, seriousness.

gris, gray.

gritar, to cry out, shout.

grito, m. , cry, shout; a gritos, in a loud voice.

gruñido, m. , grunt, growl.

grupo, m. , group, cluster.

guapo, neat, good looking.

guardar, to keep, watch, guard.

guardia, f. , guard.

guardiana, f. , keeper, guardian.

gubernativo, administrative.

guerrero, martial, warlike.

guiño, m. , wink.

guitarra, f. , guitar.

gustar, to like, love; taste, be pleased with.

gusto, m. , pleasure, taste, delight; a --, with pleasure.


ha; see haber.

habano, of Havana.

haber ( used as an auxiliary verb and also impersonally), to have, to be.

había, there was.

habitante, m. , inhabitant.

habitar, to inhabit.

hablar, to speak, talk.

hacer, to make, do.

hacia, towards.

haga; see hacer.

hago; see hacer.

hallar, to find.

hambre, f. , hunger, appetite.

han; see haber.

harapo, m. , rag.

haría; see hacer.

has; see haber.

hasta, until, as far as, even; -- que, until; -- aquí, thus far.

hay, there is, there are.

haya, there may be.

haz; see hacer.

he; see haber.

hecho, pp. of hacer, made, done.

hecho, m. , fact, act, deed.

hediondo, unpleasant, vile, fetid.

helar, to freeze.

henchir, to fill, stuff.

herencia, f. , inheritance.

herida, f. , wound.

herir, to wound, knock, strike.

hermana, f. , sister.

hermanita, f. , dim. , little sister.

hermanito, m. , dim. , little brother.

hermano, m. , brother.

herméticamente, hermetically.

hermosear, to beautify, adorn.

hermoso, beautiful, fine.

hermosura, f. , beauty, fineness.

hice; see hacer.

hicieron; see hacer.

hija, f. , daughter.

hijo, m. , son; -- mayor, elder son; -- menor, younger son.

hijos, children (of same parents).

hilacha, f. , threadbare spot.

himno, m. , hymn.

hipotecario, pertaining to a mortgage.

hirió; see herir.

historia, f. , history, story.

hizo; see hacer.

hogar, m. , hearth, home.

hoja, f. , leaf.

hola! holla.

hombre, m. , man.

hombro, m. , shoulder.

hora, f. , hour.

horizonte, m. , horizon.

horrísono, sounding dreadfully.

horroroso, horrid, frightful.

hostilidad, f. , hostility.

hotel, m. , hotel, inn.

hoy, to-day.

hubiera; see haber.

hubieran; see haber.

hubieses; see haber.

hubo, there was.

hueso, m. , bone.

huésped, m. , guest; casa de --, boarding house.

huir, to flee, escape.

humano, human.

humeante, smoking.

humedad, f. , humidity.

húmedo, humid, moist.

humilde, humble, modest.

humillación, f. , humiliation.

humo, m. , smoke.

hundir, to sink, crush, overwhelm.


iba; see ir.

iban; see ir.

idear, to think, plan, to conceive an idea.

ido, pp. of ir, to go.

iglesia, f. , church.

igual, equal.

igualmente, equally.

iluminar, to illuminate, light, shine.

ilusión, f. , illusion.

impedir, to impede, restrain.

imperioso, imperious, haughty.

importar, to be important, to matter.

impresionar, to impress.

impulsar, to impel.

impulso, m. , impulse.

incansable, untiring.

incapaz, incapable.

incesante, incessant.

incitar, to incite.

incomodar, to incommode.

inconveniente, m. , inconvenience, trouble, objection.

incorporarse, to sit up.

indeciso, undecided, irresolute.

indefinidamente, indefinitely.

indiferencia, f. , indifference.

indignado, provoked, irritated.

indigno, unworthy, undeserving.

indispuesto, indisposed.

indulto, m. , pardon, forgiveness.

infame, infamous, vile.

infancia, f. , infancy.

Infanta, f. , a princess of the royal blood.

infeliz, unhappy, unfortunate.

ínfimo, lowest, vile.

infranqueable, insurmountable.

infringir, to infringe, violate.

infundir, to infuse, inspire.

ingenioso, ingenious.

ingenuo, ingenuous, open, candid.

Inglaterra, f. , England.

ingrato, ungrateful, unthankful.

inmediatamente, immediately.

inmenso, immense.

inmóvil, immovable.

inquieto, restless, noisy, uneasy.

inquietud, f. , inquietude.

insinuante, insinuating.

inspirar, to inspire.

instar, to urge, press.

instinto, m. , instinct.

institución, f. , institution, establishment; las --es, the powers.

instituto, m. , institute.

insufrible, insufferable.

íntegro, integral, entire.

intencionado, inclined, disposed.

intento, m. , intent, purpose.

interés, m. , interest, concern.

interpretar, to interpret, explain.

interrumpir, to interrupt, hinder.

intervalo, m. , interval.

intervenir, to intervene, assist.

intestino, intestine, internal.

intimidad, f. , intimacy, friendship.

introducir, to introduce, conduct, lead; --se, to get in.

introdujo; see introducir.

inútil, useless.

invierno, m. , winter.

invitar, to invite.

ir, to go; irse, to go away.

iracundo, wrathful, furious.

irritar, to irritate, provoke.


jabón, m. , soap.

jamás, never.

jardín, m. , garden.

Jerez, a city of Spain.

jota, f. , a Spanish dance.

joven, young.

juego, m. , game; -- de prendas, game of forfeits.

juego; see jugar.

juez, m. , judge.

jugar, to play.

juntar, to join, acquire.

junto, together.

junto a, near.

jurar, to swear.

justamente, precisely, exactly.

justicia, f. , justice.

juventud, f. , youth.

juzgar, to judge.


la, f. , def. art. , the; per. pron. , her, it.

labio, m. , lip.

lado, m. , side.

ladrón, m. , thief.

lágrima, f. , tear.

lanzar, to throw, heave.

largo, long.

las, f. , def. art. , pl. , the.

lástima, f. , pity, grief, compassion.

lateral, lateral, side.

later, v. n. , to beat.

lavadero, m. , washing place.

lavandera, f. , washer-woman.

lavar, to wash, bathe.

le, per. pron. , him, to him, to her.

lechuguino, dandy, foppish.

leer, to read.

legua, f. , league.

lejano, distant.

lejos, far off.

lengua, f. , tongue, language.

lentamente, slowly.

les, per. pron. , to them, them.

letra, f. , words of a song, hand-writing.

levantar, to raise; --se, to rise.

leve, light (of weight).

levísimo, very light.

leyendo, ger. ; see leer.

libre, free.

lienzo, m. , linen, handkerchief.

ligar, to tie, bind.

ligero, light, slight.

límite, m. , limit, bound.

limón, m. , lemon.

limosna, f. , alms.

limpio, clean; en --, clearly.

lindo, fair, pretty, neat.

línea, f. , line.

lo, per. pron. , it.

lobo, m. , wolf.

loco, mad, crazy.

los, per. pron. , them; dem. pron. , those.

lucha, f. , struggle, contest.

luego, then, afterwards; desde --, at once, immediately.

lugar, m. , place; en -- de, instead of.

lumbre, f. , fire.

luminoso, luminous.

luz, f. , light.


llamar, to call, knock at a door.

llanura, f. , plain.

llave, f. , key.

llegada, f. , arrival.

llegar, to arrive.

llegue; see llegar.

lleno, full, complete.

llevar, to take, carry, wear.

llorar, to cry, weep.

llover, to rain.

lluvia, f. , rain.

lluvioso, rainy.


madre, f. , mother.

madrugada, f. , morning (midnight to sunrise).

maestría, f. , mastery.

mal, malo, bad, badly.

malagueño, pertaining to Malaga.

maldito, wicked, accursed.

malhechor, m. , malefactor, offender.

malo, bad, wicked; estar --, to be sick.

mamá, f. , mamma.

mandar, to send, order, command.

mandato, m. , mandate, precept.

manera, f. , manner, form; de toda --, at any rate.

manía, f. , mania, habit.

manifestar, to manifest, declare.

maniobra, f. , man[oe]uvre, handiwork.

mano, f. , hand.

manta, f. , a woolen blanket.

manto, m. , robe, mantle, cover.

mañana, to-morrow, morning; por la --, in the morning.

Manzanares, the river on which Madrid is situated.

máquina, f. , machine.

marcha, f. , march.

marchar, to march, go; --se, to go away.

marido, m. , husband.

marinero, m. , seaman, sailor.

mármol, m. , marble.

martirio, m. , martyrdom.

mas, but; más, more.

matar, to kill.

matrimonio, m. , marriage.

mayo, May.

mayor, greater, larger.

mayoría, f. , majority.

me, per. pron. , me, to me.

medalla, f. , medal.

medias, a --, partly, by halves.

médico, m. , physician.

medio, half.

medio, m. , midst, middle.

meditar, to meditate, think.

mejilla, f. , cheek.

mejor, better; a lo --, suddenly.

mendigo, m. , beggar.

menos, less; por lo -- at least.

menosprecio, m. , contempt, scorn.

mente, f. , mind.

mentira, f. , mistake, error, lie.

menudo, small; por --, minutely; a --, often; más a --, oftener.

merecer, to deserve, merit.

merengue, m. , confection made of white of eggs and sugar.

mes, m. , month.

mesa, f. , table.

metálico, metallic.

meter, to place, put.

mezclar, to mix, unite.

mi, pl. mis, my.

miedo, m. , fear, dread.

miembro, m. , member, limb.

mientras, while, meanwhile.

mil, thousand.

milagro, m. , miracle, wonder.

millar, m. , thousand.

millón, m. , million.

mímica, f. , gesture.

ministerio, m. , ministry.

ministro, m. , minister.

minuciosamente, minutely, exactly.

mío, mine.

mirada, f. , glance, look.

mirar, to look, look at; -- a, to look towards.

misa, f. , mass.

miserable, wretched, miserable.

miseria, f. , misery.

misericordia, f. , mercy.

misericordioso, pious, merciful.

mísero, m. , miserable one.

mismo, same, similar; lo --, the same thing; por lo --, therefore, consequently.

misterioso, mysterious.

modo, m. , mode, manner; de ese --, in that way; de qué --, how.

mojadura, f. , wetting.

mojar, to wet.

molestar, to trouble, annoy.

momentáneamente, momentarily.

momento, m. , moment.

moneda, f. , money, coin.

mono, pretty, nice.

morada, f. , residence, dwelling.

morar, to reside, dwell.

morenito, dim. of moreno.

moreno, brown, swarthy.

mortífero, fatal.

mostrar, to show.

motivo, m. , motive, reason.

mover, to move, excite.

movimiento, m. , movement, motion.

muchacho, m. , boy.

muchedumbre, f. , multitude.

muchísimo, very much.

mucho, much, great deal of.

muchos, many.

mudo, silent, mute.

mueca, f. , grimace, grin.

muero, from morir, to die.

muerte, f. , death.

muerto, pp. of morir, to die.

muestra, f. , show.

mujer, f. , woman, wife.

mullido, soft, spongy.

multitud, f. , multitude.

mundo, m. , world; todo el --, everybody.

muñeca, f. , doll.

murió, from morir, to die.

murmurar, to murmur.

museo, m. , museum.

música, f. , music.

músico, m. , musician; -- mayor, chief musician.

muy, very.


nacarado, of pearl color.

nacer, to be born.

nacimiento, m. , birth.

naciste; see nacer.

nada, nothing, not at all.

nadie, nobody.

naricita, f. , little nose.

narrar, to narrate.

nave, f. , nave.

necesidad, f. , necessity.

necesitar, to want, need.

necio, foolish, stupid.

negarse, to refuse.

negocio, m. , business.

negro, black.

nervioso, nervous.

nevar, to snow.

ni, neither, nor; -- mucho menos, far from it.

nieve, f. , snow.

ninguno, none, no, not any.

niña, f. , girl.

niñera, f. , nurse.

niñez, f. , childhood.

niño, m. , child, boy.

nítido, bright, shining.

no, no, not.

noche, f. , night; de --, by night; por la --, at night.

nombre, m. , name.

nonada, f. , trifle.

nos, per. pron. , us, to us.

nosotros-as, we.

nota, f. , note, mark.

notable, remarkable.

notar, to note, observe.

noticia, f. , notice, information, news.

novedad, f. , novelty, newness.

noviembre, m. , November.

novio, m. , sweetheart, bride-groom.

nube, f. , cloud.

nudo, m. , knot.

nuestro, per. pron. , our.

nuevo, new; de --, again.

número, m. , number.

nunca, never; casi --, hardly ever.


o, or, either.

obedecer, to obey.

obelisco, m. , obelisk.

obligar, to oblige, compel.

obra, f. , work.

obsequio, en -- de, out of respect to.

obstante, no --, notwithstanding.

obtener, to obtain.

obtuvo; see obtener.

ocasión, f. , occasion, opportunity.

ocho, eight.

ocultar, to hide, conceal.

oculto, hidden, concealed.

ocurrir, to occur, happen.

ofender, to offend.

ofrecer, to offer, present.

; see oír.

oído, pp. of oír; n. m. , ear.

oír, to hear.

ojo, m. , eye.

ole! come.

olor, m. , odor.

once, eleven; las --, eleven o'clock.

opaco, opaque, gloomy.

oponer, to oppose, object to.

oportuno, opportune, convenient.

oprimir, to oppress.

oprobio, m. , opprobrium, shame.

oración, f. , oration, prayer.

orador, m. , orator.

orden, m. , order, command.

oreja, f. , ear.

organista, organist.

órgano, m. , organ.

oro, m. , gold.

os, per. pron. , you, to you.

osar, to dare, venture.

oscuro, dark.

oscuridad, f. , obscurity, darkness.

otoño, m. , autumn.

otorgar, to grant, concede.

otro, other.

oye; see oír.

oyera, oyese, oyeron, oyó; see oír.


padecer, to suffer.

padre, m. , father.

pagar, to pay.

pague; see pagar.

país, m. , country, land.

paja, f. , straw.

pájaro, m. , bird.

palabra, f. , word.

palacio, m. , palace.

pálido, pallid, pale.

palmo, m. , handbreadth; -- a --, inch by inch.

pan, m. , bread.

panecillo, m. , roll of bread.

pantalones, m. , pantaloons.

pañuelo, m. , handkerchief.

papel, m. , paper.

par, de -- en --, wide open.

para, for, to, in order to; -- que, in order that.

paradero, m. , stopping place.

paraguas, m. , umbrella.

paraíso, m. , paradise, highest floor of a theatre.

paraje, m. , place, residence.

parangón, en -- con, in comparison with.

parar, to stop.

parecer, to appear, seem; al --, apparently.