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aire, m. , air.

ajedrez, m. , chess.

ajuar, household furniture.

ajusticiar, execute.

alcalde, m. , mayor.

alcancé; see alcanzar.

alcanzar, to reach, to follow, to obtain.

alcé; see alzar.

aldaba, f. , knocker on a door.

alegrar, to gladden, to rejoice.

alegría, f. , joy.

alejar, to remove; --se, to go away.

alemana, adj., f. , German.

alfombra, f. , carpet.

algarabía, f. , jargon, gibberish.

algo, somewhat, something.

algodón, m. , cotton.

algún; see alguno.

alguno, some, any, some one, any one.

aliento, m. , breath, spirit.

alimentar, to feed, nourish.

alimento, food, nourishment.

allá, there; mas allá de, --beyond.

allegro, allegro.

allí, there.

alma, soul.

almacenista, m. , owner of a warehouse.

almorzar, to breakfast.

alojar, to lodge.

alquilar, to rent.

alquiler, m. , rent, wages.

alrededor, around.

alterar, to alter, change.

alternar, to alternate.

altivo, haughty, proud.

alto, high.

alzar, to raise.

alzarse con, to carry off.

ama de cría, nurse.

amabilidad, amiability.

amable, amiable, pleasing.

amanecer, to dawn; al --, at dawn.

amargo, bitter.

amarrar, to tie, fasten.

ambiente, m. , air.

ámbito, m. , circuit, extent.

ambos, both.

amigo, m. , friend.

amo, m. , proprietor.

amonestar, to advise, admonish.

amontonar, to heap up.

amor, m. , love.

amoroso, loving, affectionate.

amortiguar, to mortify, deaden.

anciano, old.

andar, to go, walk, move.

anduviese; see andar.

ángel, m. , angel.

ángulo, m. , corner.

angustia, f. , anguish, affliction.

angustioso, full of anguish.

anillo, m. , ring.

animar, to revive, comfort.

ánimo, m. , mind, courage, valor.

animoso, brave, courageous.

ansia, f. , anxiety, anguish.

ansiedad; see ansia.

ansiosamente, anxiously, eagerly.

ante, before.

anterior, former, previous.

antes, first, before.

antiguo, old.

antojarse, to desire, take a notion to.

antorcha, f. , torch.

anudar, to knot, join.

anunciar, to announce.

añadir, to add.

añejo, old.

año, m. , year.

apagar, to extinguish.

aparecer, to appear.

aparejado, prepared, ready.

aparentar, to make a false show.

apartado, distant, secluded.

apartar, to separate, remove.

apasionado, passionate, devoted.

apenas, scarcely, hardly, as soon as; --si, hardly.

apesadumbrar, to vex, grieve.

aplazar, to postpone.

aplicar, to apply.

apliqué; see aplicar.

apoderarse de, to seize, take possession of.

apóstrofe, f. , apostrophe.

apoyar, to support, favor, protect, lean upon.

aprender, to learn.

apresurar, to hasten.

apresuradamente, hastily.

apretar, to tighten, squeeze.

apretura, f. , compression, distress, anguish.

aprovechar, to profit by.

aproximar, to approximate.

apuntar, to point out, note.

apuro, m. , want, pain, affliction.

aquel, ( f. aquella), dem. pron. , that, yonder.

aquél, the former.

aquí, here.

arañar, to scratch, fight.

arbitrio, m. , free will, arbitration.

árbol, m. , tree.

arder, to burn.

ardiente, ardent, passionate, hot.

arena, f. , sand.

aria, tune, air.

armonioso, harmonious.

aro, m. , hoop.

arraigar, to root.

arrancar, to tear off.

arrastrar, to creep, crawl, drag along.

arrear, to drive (horses, mules).

arrebujar, to wrap up.

arreglar, to regulate, arrange.

arrepentirse, to repent.

arriba, above, over, upstairs; --! up!

arrimar, approach, join.

arrojar, to throw away.

arruga, f. , wrinkle.

arte, m. , f. , art.

artillería, f. , artillery.

ascenso, m. , promotion.

ascua, f. , red hot coal.

asechanza, f. , artifice, machination.

asedio, m. , siege, blockade.

asesino, m. , assassin.

asfixiar, to suffocate.

así, so, thus; -- como, as well as; -- que, as soon as, so that.

asiento, m. , seat.

asomar, to show, make appear.

asombro, m. , astonishment.

aspecto, m. , aspect, appearance.

aspirar, to inhale, aspire.

asunto, m. , material, affair, subject.

asustar, to frighten.

ataque, m. , attack.

atención, f. , attention; en --, in consideration.

atender, to attend, heed, expect.

atentamente, attentively.

aterrar, to terrify.

atmósfera, f. , atmosphere.

atónito, astonished, amazed.

atravesar, to cross.

atreverse, to dare, venture.

atrocidad, f. , atrocity.

atropellar, to trample, tread under foot.

atrozmente, atrociously, excessively.

aturdido, giddy, wild.

aún, yet, still, even.

aunque, although.

ausente, absent.

austero, austere, harsh.

auto, m. , judicial decree; -- de fe, sentence given by the Inquisition.

autoridad, f. , authority.

autorizar, to authorize, legalize.

auxilio, m. , aid, help, assistance.

avanzar, to advance, attack.

Ave Maria, a salutation and prayer to the Virgin Mary.

aventajado, excellent.

aventura, f. , adventure, incident.

aventurar, to venture, risk.

avergonzar, to shame, abash.

averiguación, investigation.

averiguar, to investigate, find out.

avisar, to inform, give notice, advise.

ay, intrj. , alas.

ayer, yesterday.

ayudar, to aid, favor, assist.

ayudante, m. , adjutant, assistant.

ayuntamiento, m. , city council.

azul, blue.


bachiller, m. , bachelor (college degree).

bailar, to dance.

bajar, to descend, lower.

bajo, prep. , under.

bajo, adj. , low; por lo --, in a low tone.

bajito, dim. of bajo.

balcón, m. , balcony.

bálsamo, m. , balsam, balm.

banco, m. , bench, bank.

banquillo, m. , dim. of banco.

bañar, to bathe, water.

barandilla, f. , small balustrade.

barba, f. , beard.

barbaridad, f. , barbarity, absurdity.

barco, m. , boat, bark.

barítono, m. , baritone.

barquillo, m. , small boat.

barrera, f. , barrier.

barrio, m. , suburb, ward of a city.

barruntar, to foresee, conjecture.

bastante, sufficient, enough.

bastar, to suffice, be sufficient.

batalla, f. , battle, contest, conflict.

baúl, m. , trunk.

Beethoven, a celebrated German composer.

belicoso, warlike, belligerent.

belleza, f. , beauty.

Bellini, an Italian composer.

bendito, blessed.

besar, to kiss.

beso, m. , kiss.

bestia, f. , beast.

bien, m. , good, benefit.

bien, adv. , well; si --, although.

bienestar, m. , wellbeing.

billar, m. , billiards.

billete, m. , billet.

birlar, to dispossess.

blanco, white.

boca, f. , mouth.

bocacalle, f. , mouth of a street.

bodega, f. , wine-cellar.

bolita, f. , small ball.

bolsa, f. , purse, exchange.

bolsillo, m. , pocket.

bonito, pretty.

botón, m. , button.

bóveda, f. , arch, vault.

bravo, brave, valiant.

brazo, m. , arm.

breve, brief, concise.

brillante, brilliant.

brío, m. , force, vigor, spirit.

brocado, m. , brocade.

broma, f. , joke, jest.

bruces, de --, with the face downward.

bruma, f. , mist, haziness.

bruscamente, rudely.

brusco, rude, rough.

bueno, good, healthy, well.

bujía, f. , wax candle.

burla, f. , scoff, jest, fun.

burlar, to ridicule, burlesque.

buscar, to look for, search.

busqué; see buscar.

butaca, f. , armchair.


cabal, exact, just.

caballero, m. , gentleman.

cabecita, f. , small head.

cabello, m. , hair.

cabeza, f. , head.

cabizbajo, downcast, pensive.

cabo, m. , end; al --, at the end, finally.

cada, each; -- cual, each one.

cadalso, m. , scaffold.

cadáver, m. , corpse.

cadete, m. , cadet.

caer, to fall; dejar --, to let fall, drop.

café, m. , coffee, eating-house.

caja, f. , box, casket, coffin.

cajón, m. , box.

cajoncito, m. , dim. , small box.

calabozo, m. , dungeon, calaboose.

calcetín, m. , sock.

cálculo, m. , calculation, computation.

caldo, m. , broth.

caliente, warm, hot.

calla! , be silent, hush.

callar, to be silent.

calle, f. , street.

calma, f. , calm.

calmar, to calm, quiet, compose.

calorífero, m. , a heating apparatus.

calzado, m. , covering for the feet.

cama, f. , bed.

cambiar, to change, exchange.

cambio, m. , change, barter; en--, in exchange, on the other hand.

caminar, to walk, go.

camino, m. , road, way.

camisa, f. , shirt, chemise.

campanilla, f. , dim. , small bell.

campo, m. , field, country; pío--, a children's game.

cándido, candid, innocent.

cansar, to tire, fatigue.

cantante, f. , m. , singer, adj. , singing.

cantar, to sing.

cántaro, m. , large pitcher; llover a --s, to rain by buckets full.

canto, m. , song.

canturriar, to sing, hum.

capa, f. , cloak, mantle, cover.

capilla, f. , chapel; estar en --, to be under sentence of death.

capital, f. , city, capital.

capricho, m. , caprice, whim, fancy.

cara, f. , face.

carambola, f. , a manner of playing at the billiard table; --s de retroceso, figure described by the balls on being struck when in a certain position.

cárcel, f. , prison.

carcelero, m. , jailer.

carecer, to lack, be in need.

cargar, to load, charge.

cargo, m. , burden, dignity, office, honor.

caricia, f. , caress.

caridad, f. , charity, kindness.

cariño, m. , love, fondness.

caritativo, charitable.

Carmen, Virgen del, Lady of Carmen, a mendicant order.

caro, dear.

carrera, f. , course, career, broad street.

carrerita, f. dim. , small course, short distance.

carruaje, m. , carriage, vehicle.

carta, f. , letter.

cartera, f. , pocket-book.

casa, f. , house.

casarse, to marry.

casi, almost, nearly.

caso, m. , event, case, occurrence.

Castellana, one of the principal streets of Madrid.

castigar, to chastise, punish.

castigo, m. , punishment.

casualidad, f. , casualty, accident; por --, accidentally.

casualmente, accidentally, haply.

católico, general, universal.

catorce, fourteen.

causa, f. , cause.

causante, m. f. , causer.

causar, to cause.

cautela, f. , caution, prudence.

cavilar, to cavil.

caviloso, captious.

cayendo, ger. , falling.

cebada, f. , barley.

ceja, f. , eyebrow.

celebrar, to celebrate, applaud.

celeste, celestial.

celosía, f. , lattice window.

celoso, jealous.

cendal, m. , a thin cloth (here, thin covering of snow), haze.

céntimo, centime.

céntrico, central.

centro, m. , center.

cera, f. , wax.

cerca, near; de --, closely.

cerrar, to close.

certificar, to assure, affirm.

cesante, m. , a person dismissed from the public service; dejar --, to dismiss from office.

cesar, to cease.

cese, m. , stoppage (of pay from the public treasury).

ciego, blind.

cielo, m. , sky.

ciencia, f. , science.

cierra; see cerrar.

cierran; see cerrar.

cierto, certain, sure.

cigarro, m. , cigar.

cinco, five; las --, five o'clock; las -- y media, half past five.

cincuenta, fifty.

círculo, circle.

cirio, m. , long and thick wax candle.

ciudad, f. , city.

clamar, to call, cry out.

claridad, f. , light, brightness.

claro, clear, bright.

clase, f. , kind, class, species.

clavar, to nail, fasten.

clérigo, m. , clergyman.

cobrar, to recover, collect, take courage.

cobre, m. , copper.

coche, m. , coach, carriage.

cochero, m. , coachman.

codo, m., elbow; hablar por los --s, to chatter.

cofia, f. , a net of thread worn on the head.

coger, to catch, seize, pluck.

colcha, f. , coverlet, counterpane.

colchón, m. , mattress.

colega, m. , colleague.

colegio, m. , college.

colérico, choleric.

colgar, to hang, suspend.

colorado, colored, florid, red.

columna, f. , column.

combate, m. , combat, conflict.

comencé; see comenzar.

comenzar, to commence.

comer, to eat.

comercio, m. , commerce, store.

cómico, comical.

como, as; cómo? how?; -- si, as if.

compadecer, to pity.

compañero, m. , companion.

compañía, company.

compartir, to divide, share.

compás, m. , measure, time (in music), compass; llevar el --, to keep time.

compasivo, compassionate.

competencia, f. , rivalry, competition.

complacer, to please, humor.

completo, complete; por --, completely.

componer, to compose.

comprar, to buy.

comprender, to comprehend, understand.

comprometer, to compromise.

compuesto, composed, compound; pp. of componer.

con, with.

concierto, m. , concert, concerto.

conciliador, m. , peace-maker.

conciliar, to conciliate, induce.

concluir, to conclude.

concurrente, m. , frequenter.

condenar, to condemn.

condescendencia, f. , condescension.

conducente, conducive.

conducir, to conduct, convey, carry.

conducta, f. , conduct.

condujeron; see conducir.

condujo; see conducir.

conferencia, f. , conference, assembly.

conformar, to conform, suit.

confortador, m. , comforter.

confundir, to confuse, jumble.

confusamente, confusedly.

congelación, f. , congelation, freezing.

congoja, f. , anguish, anxiety.

congojar, to afflict.

congojoso, painful, distressing.

congreso, m. , congress.

conmigo, with me.

conmover, to move, disturb, affect.

conocer, to know.

conocido, m. , acquaintance.

conocimiento, m. , knowledge, acquaintanceship.

conquista, f. , conquest.

conseguir, to get, obtain, succeed.

consejo, m. , counsel, advice, court.

conservador, m. , preserver.

conservar, to preserve, keep.

consolador, consoling, comfortable.

consolar, to console, comfort.

constancia, f. , constance.

consternar, to terrify, amaze.

constipar, to take cold.

consumo, m. , consumption (of merchandise, provisions, etc.).

contado, por de, of course, surely.

contar, to count, calculate.

contemplar, to contemplate, study, look upon.

contento, pleased, glad, satisfied.

contestar, to reply.

contigo, with thee.

continuo, continuous; en --, continually.

contorno, m. , contour, environs.

contra, against.

contrario, contrary; al --, on the contrary.

convencer, to convince, convict.

conveniente, convenient, fit, suitable.

convenir, to agree, convene.

conversar, to converse.

convulso, convulsed.

copa, f. , cup; sombrero de --, hat with high crown.

copiosamente, abundantly.

copo, m. , snow flake.

coqueta, f. , coquette.

corazón, m. , heart.

cordel, m. , cord.

cordón, m. , cord, string.

coro, m. , choir, chorus.

coronar, to crown.

correctivo, corrective.

correo, m. , mail, letter-carrier.

correr, to run.

corretear, to ramble, flirt.

cortar, to cut.

corte, f. , court, capital.

cortejo, m. , cortege, court, homage.

cortesía, f. , courtesy.

cortina, f. , curtain.

corto, short.

cosa, f. , thing.

costar, to cost.

costumbre, m. , custom, habit.

crecido, large, great, increased.

crear, to create, make.

creer, to believe, think.

creo, ya lo, indeed.

criada, f. , servant girl.

criado, m. , man servant.

criatura, f. , creature, a general term for man.

criaturita, f. , a young child.

crimen, m. , crime, offence.

cristal, m. , crystal, glass, window pane.

crítico, m. , critic.

crucé; see cruzar.

crueldad, f. , cruelty.

crujido, m. , creak, crackling.

cruzar, to cross.

cual (el --, la --, lo --), who, which, that; a --, each; por lo --, on account of which; cual si, as if.

cualquier, any, any one.

cuando, when; de vez en --, from time to time.

cuanto, as much, how much, as much as, all; unos --, some, a few; -- más, the more.

cuarenta, forty.

cuarta, f. , fourth part.

cuarto, m. , room, small coin.

cuatro, four; las --, four o'clock.

cubierto, pp. of cubrir.

cubrir, to cover.

cucharilla, f. , small spoon.

cuello, m. , neck.

cuentar; see contar.

cuenta, f. , account, calculation.

cuente; see contar.

cuerda, f. , cord, rope.

cuerpo, m. , body.

cuesta, f. , hill, slope.

cueste; see costar.

cuestión, f. , question, problem.

cuidado, m. , care, caution, fear.

cuidado! look out, take care!

cuitado, m. , wretched, miserable person.

culpable, guilty.

culto, cultured, polished.

cumplir, to fulfil, discharge.

cuñada, f. , sister-in-law.

cuota, f. , quota.

cura, m. , priest, curate.

curso, m. , course, career.

cutis, m. , skin.

chapotear, to paddle.

charla, f. , chatter.

charlar, to chatter, gossip; -- por los codos, to prattle.

chica, f. , little girl.

chico, small.

chillar, to shriek, scream.

chillido, m. , shriek, scream.

chimenea, f. , chimney, fire-place.

chiquilla, f. , dim. , little girl.

chiquillo, m. , small boy.

chiquita, f. , dim. , little girl.

chisporroteo, m. , crackling, hissing.

Chopín, a celebrated Polish composer.

chuchería, f. , gewgaw, toy.


dame, give me.

daño, m. , damage, injury, harm.

dar, to give, strike.

de, of, from, by, with, as, than.

debajo de, under, beneath.

deber, to owe, ought, must.

debido, due, pp. of deber.

débil, weak.

debilidad, f. , weakness, debility.

decidirse, to decide.

decir, to say, tell.

declaración, f. , declaration, deposition.

declarar, to declare.

decoroso, decorous.

defensor, m. , defender.

degradar, to degrade.

dejar, to leave, let, permit; -- de, leave off, fail.

delante, before; por --, in front.

delicadeza, f. , delicacy, tenderness.

delicado, delicate, tender.

delicioso, delightful, pleasing.

delirar, to rave, dote, be delirious.

demandar, to ask, claim, demand.

demás, besides; los --, the rest, the others.

demasiado, too, too much.

demostrar, to show, prove.

demuestran; see demostrar.

dentro de, within.

deparar, to offer, present.

departir, to converse, dispute.

depositar, to deposit, give.

derramar, to pour, shed.

desaforadamente, excessively, disorderly.

desahogar, to unbosom, utter.

desaparecer, to disappear.

desamparado, m. , forsaken one.

desamparar, to forsake, abandon.

desastroso, disastrous.

descansar, to rest.

desconocido, m. , unknown person.

descubierto, uncovered; al --, openly.

descuidar, to neglect, forget, relieve from care.

desde, since, after, from; -- que, since.

desdicha, f. , misfortune, misery.

desdichado, unfortunate, unhappy.

desdoblar, to unfold.

desear, to desire.

deseo, m. , desire, wish.

desechar, to refuse, drive away.

desesperar, to despair.

desfallecer, to pine away, faint.

desgracia, f. , misfortune, disgrace.

desgraciado, unfortunate, miserable.

deshacer, to undo, excuse, exculpate.

desierto, deserted.

desistir, to desist, cease.

deslizar, to slip, slide.

desmayar, to faint, swoon.

desmerecer, to be undeserving.

desocupado, unoccupied, leisure.

desorden, m. , disorder.

despecho, a -- de, in spite of.

despedir, to dismiss, discharge; --se, take leave.

despegar, to separate.

despertar, to awaken.

despidió; see despedir.

despojar, to despoil, strip.

desprecio, m. , disregard, scorn.

desprender, to unfasten, loose.

después, after, afterwards, then.

destacarse, to detach.

destinar, to destine, appoint.

destrozo, m. , destruction, rout.

desvalido, helpless, unprotected.

desván, m. , garret.

desvanecer, to vanish, remove.

desvergonzado, impudent.

detalle, m. , detail.

detenerse, to stop, detain.

determinar, to determine.

detrás, behind.

detuve; see detenerse.

detuvo; see detenerse.

devorar, to devour, consume.

devotamente, devoutly.

di, I gave.

día, m. , day; de --, by day.

diamante, m. , diamond.

diario, m. , daily newspaper.

diario, daily.

dice; see decir.

dicen; see decir.

dicha, f. , happiness.

dicho, pp. of decir.

dichoso, happy, fortunate.

diciembre, m. , December.

diciendo, ger. ; see decir.

dictar, to dictate.

dieron; see dar.

diesen; see dar.

diez, ten.

difícil, difficult.

dificultad, f. , difficulty.

difunto, defunct, dead.

diga; see decir.

dignamente, worthily.

digno, worthy, deserving.

digo; see decir.

dije; see decir.

dijeron; see decir.

dijese; see decir.

dijo; see decir.

dilación, f. , delay.

diminuto, small.

dinero, m. , money.

dio; see dar.

Dios, God.

directamente, directly, straight.

diremos; see decir.

diría; see decir.

dirigir, to direct; --se, to address.

díscolo, ungovernable, peevish.

disculpa, f. , excuse, apology.

discurso, m. , discourse.

discutir, to discuss, examine.

disfrazar, to disguise, conceal.

disgustar, to offend, displease.

disgusto, m. , grief, sorrow, distaste.

disimuladamente, reservedly.

disipar, to dissipate, scatter.

dispensar, to dispense, excuse.

disponer, to dispose, arrange, prepare.

disposición, f. , disposition.

dispuesto, pp. of disponer.

disputar, to dispute.

distancia, f. , distance.

distinguir, to distinguish, discern, perceive.

distinto, distinct, different.

distraído, inattentive, absent-minded.

distribuir, to distribute, divide.

diverso, diverse, different.

divertirse, to amuse one's self.

dividir, to divide.

divierten; see divertirse.

divino, divine.

divisar, to perceive, descry.

doblar, to double, pass around.

doce, twelve.

docena, f. , dozen.

doler, to feel pain, ache, suffer.

dolor, m. , pain, grief, affliction.

doméstico, domestic.

dominar, to rule, command.

domingo, m. , Sunday.

doncella, f. , maid.

donde, where.

dormir, to sleep.

dos, two; las -- en punto, two o'clock sharp.

dril, m. , kind of cloth.

duda, f. , doubt.

duele; see doler.

dueño, m. , master, owner.

duermas; see dormir.

duerme; see dormir.

dulce, sweet.

dulcemente, sweetly.

dulcísimo, very sweet.

dulzura, f. , sweetness, gentleness.

durante, during.

durar, to last, endure.

dureza, f. , hardness, firmness.

durmió; see dormir.

duro, hard, firm.


echar, to throw, cast, issue.

echar a ( followed by an infinitive), to begin to.

edad, f. , age.

edificio, m. , edifice.

educar, to educate, instruct.

efecto, m. , effect.

efusión, f. , effusion.

ejecución, f. , execution.

ejecutar, to execute, perform.

ejecutivo, executive.

ejemplar, exemplary; sin --, not to be a precedent.

ejemplo, m. , example.

el, the; él, he, that.

elevar, to elevate, raise.

ello, it.

ella, she.

elogiar, to praise, eulogize.

embajada, f. , annoyance.

embargar, to arrest, impede, restrain.

embargo, sin --, notwithstanding, nevertheless.

embebido, wrapt in thought.

embelesar, to charm, be delighted.

embozar, to wrap up.

empalidecer, to become pale.

empapado, soaked, drenched.

empecé; see empezar.

empañado, darkened, soiled by the breath.

empeñar, to pawn.

empeñarse, to insist.

empezar, to begin.

empieza; see empezar.

empleado, m. , employé.

empleo, m. , employment, occupation.

emprender, to undertake, attempt.