Looking Backward From 2000 to 1887 HTML version

Chapter 3
"He is going to open his eyes. He had better see but one of us at first."
"Promise me, then, that you will not tell him."
The first voice was a man's, the second a woman's, and both spoke in whispers.
"I will see how he seems," replied the man.
"No, no, promise me," persisted the other.
"Let her have her way," whispered a third voice, also a woman.
"Well, well, I promise, then," answered the man. "Quick, go! He is coming out of it."
There was a rustle of garments and I opened my eyes. A fine looking man of perhaps
sixty was bending over me, an expression of much benevolence mingled with great
curiosity upon his features. He was an utter stranger. I raised myself on an elbow and
looked around. The room was empty. I certainly had never been in it before, or one
furnished like it. I looked back at my companion. He smiled.
"How do you feel?" he inquired.
"Where am I?" I demanded.
"You are in my house," was the reply.
"How came I here?"
"We will talk about that when you are stronger. Meanwhile, I beg you will feel no
anxiety. You are among friends and in good hands. How do you feel?"
"A bit queerly," I replied, "but I am well, I suppose. Will you tell me how I came to be
indebted to your hospitality? What has happened to me? How came I here? It was in my
own house that I went to sleep."
"There will be time enough for explanations later," my unknown host replied, with a
reassuring smile. "It will be better to avoid agitating talk until you are a little more
yourself. Will you oblige me by taking a couple of swallows of this mixture? It will do
you good. I am a physician."
I repelled the glass with my hand and sat up on the couch, although with an effort, for my
head was strangely light.