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A true story of Kevin Slater's life growing up in foster and care homes. Kevin was born in Liverpool UK (Huyton).

Thomas Evans

I follow this Author on Twitter. As you probably read from other reviews this book has had, it is a brilliant book. He tells his true story as it was, nothing more, nothing less. A very interesting sad childhood. Lots of ups and downs in his life, but he has 'survived the care system' as he mentions in his book, and lets face it, not many children do. Well done Kevin for getting your book published on Watersones, you book is there with all the greats. Loved this book, now my work friends are all harassing me for it.

David Myles

I have read this Authors other book 'Who Cares' so thought I would give this book a read and glad I did. A very gripping true story story of his life in care. I thought my childhood was bad until I read this book. Just goes to show you that there is always someone worse off than yourself.

RuthAnne Isbell

Sad. Glad to hear the author broke the cycle and seems like a very good Dad to his children. Good luck Kevin, Kim, Son, and Charlotte. Thanks for letting us into your family for a bit. Sorry the care system is anything but caring....Good book, I suggest the TXT format for flow and clarity, the formatting was weird on the HTML preview...

Brenda Samuel

Brilliant read, enjoyable but sad true story. Defiantly in my top ten books.

Anne Taylor

The best true story I have read this year.

Michelle Rowland

What a very interesting read this book was. What a roller-coaster childhood this Author has had. A very, very sad story, but so happy his life has turned around and now he is content.

Thomas Evans

A very good book, would recommend, I enjoyed reading this true story a lot. Yes it would make a fab movie, 5 star rating.

David Swinders

A very sad story. Excellant read, but upsetting, a must read book. This Author has had a very sad but interesting childhood in the care system. Would make a brilliant movie.


Kevin Slater

Follow Kevin on twitter @slater4353 Kevin Slater was born in Liverpool UK in 1966. He was put in and out of foster and care homes most of his childhood. Kevin has survived but others have sadly failed. Read his true story.

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