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Brandon Brace
Copyright 2014 Brandon Brace
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Chapter 1: How It All Began
In the year 3777 there was a war between the human race and the Romosean. The human military
invented a secret weapon which could win the war on its own, it‟s name... Lizard-Alien!
* * *
On the outskirts of a dark and deserted Galaxy in Sector 59 (a.k.a No Man‟s Land), there was a
humongous secret military ship, the Project Orion. On board were the military‟s secret weapons;
such as armed-to-the-teeth robots, mutated clones, weapons of mass destruction and Lizard-Alien.
“Colonel, Sir, there's an incoming transmission from Bay 12.”
“Patch it through to me then Ryder!” exclaimed the Colonel.
“Sir, the scientists have perfected the finishing touches on one of our prize weapons, Sir!”