Living the Good Life on a Budget in the United Kingdom (UK) HTML version

How to live the good life for less in the UK
Living on a budget can be frustrating at times, but it also gives you the opportunity to
discover plenty of free and cheap ways to eat out, eat in, be entertained and generally
save money.
Here are just a few of the best savings. Some of them are obvious, and some of them
are less well known (and hopefully helpful). For more information on bargains and
savings, head to the useful sites section at the bottom, or my site
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Eating Out
TasteCard and Gourmet Society Card
Regular diners will appreciate the BOGOF and 50% off deals the Taste London discount card
( get you at restaurants like La Tasco, Prezzo and Strada. It costs £69.95
for a year's membership, but it's worth waiting around for a promotion (I grabbed mine for £35 a
few months ago). If you eat out once a week, you're likely to have made your money back within
the month. Gourmet Society ( a similar card for restaurants like Loch
Graze Box