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What othe rs say on about Living from the Heart…
―N irmala is a beautiful communicator of authentic spiritual insight and loving wisdom. I say this
because I know from my own experience that his observations mirror that of not only my own
experience, but also those of the most powerful and eloquent of spiritual teachers. This book is a
particularly on point presentation of heartfelt wisdom.‖
―O ften our inability to make breakthroughs in the spiritual life is on account of our assertion that
we ‗exist‘ only in our heads. This book takes us out of that constricted dimension and into the
broader and warmer dimensions of the heart, where real connection is made. I very strongly
recommend this book to anyone seeking more balance, harmony, and most importantly
connection in their life.‖
―This book is really well written, clear and precise. If the exercises are sincerely followed, you
will be amazed at the experiences. This book will point you in the right direction. If you're
willing to journey, you will not be disappointed. What I enjoyed most about this book was it
went into good instruction and reasoning without being watered down, redundant, or confusing.
If you are someone interested in self- improvement/self- realization, this is a must-read. Relax,
open your heart and enjoy!!!‖
―A prolific and inspiring read. Few authors are able to balance a topic of profound depth with
practical daily living. N irmala has accomplished such a feat. With examples and exercises to
guide one toward tuning into one's heart, it allows the reader to experience life on a level beyond
mundane cultural conditioning. This book speaks to the one just beginning his/her spiritual
journey as well as the seasoned traveler. It guides one out of the maze of the mind and into the
clarity of the heart.‖
―I've read quite a few books about non-duality, and this is one of the clearest ones. Highly
―I just finished reading Living from the Heart. What a wonderful book. The chapter called ‗Love
is for Giving‘ was mind blowing. It‘s like I woke up in a new world this morning. It‘s like a
wonderful game where I get to play with giving love to all that is around ‗me‘ as it appears
before me, even the hardships. I feel like it could change everything, from how I will walk to talk
to eat. I will do it all with awareness, space, mindfulness, presence, and love. I will change not
because someone is telling me to do something more ‗moral‘ or ‗correct,‘ but because it is
deeply satisfying to surrender into being an instrument of love. It‘s the ultimate perfect equation
where the more you give love, the more you feel love.‖