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“Living with Multiple Sclerosis” by Piet Mesmer
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About the Author
Piet Mesmer has friends and a close relative that are living with
Multiple Sclerosis.
He wanted to learn about the condition because he heard so many
conflicting theories and rumors. Few people were willing to discuss it
and Piet felt that a guide to the subject could be helpful to others
like him that dealt with people who had the disease and their
He hopes that many people will be able to use this layman’s guide
as a starting point in their own search for knowledge, and to
counter some of the “old wives’ tales” that circulate, discourage or
frighten people whose lives are touched by Multiple Sclerosis.
Piet emphasizes that on-going research is bringing new information
and hope into this area. People should always consult their own
Doctors and other medical professionals about their condition and
the best ways to manage and treat it.
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