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Infectious Agents
Viruses top the list of suspects for causing autoimmune response in
people who are genetically susceptible to multiple sclerosis. Factors
that favor this conclusion include:
1. The geographical distribution of the disease: The number of
multiple sclerosis-infected people is more as one moves away from
the equator in either direction.
2. Some studies indicate that multiple sclerosis might be a sexually
transmitted infection. Countries with some sexual freedom seem to
have a higher degree of multiple sclerosis in their population while
the disease is close to negligible in countries with traditional
3. Viral similarity to myelin: Some viruses are quite similar to
myelin. This similarity may cause confusion to the immune system
and make the T-cells attack the body protein rather than viral
antigens. There are not sufficient results from studies to confirm
this as a prime trigger.
Three major suspects are:
1. HHv-6 or Herpes virus 6, a form of herpes virus that causes
rosella, a benign children’s disease.
2. Chlamydia pneumonia, a bacterium that causes constant
inflammation in small vessels.
3. Epstein-Barr virus, the virus that causes mononucleosis.
What causes multiple sclerosis in an individual is still a debatable
issue but the most widely accepted theory is that of an autoimmune
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