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Part-III: Causes, Incidence, and Risk Factors
9. Causes of Multiple Sclerosis
The main cause(s) of multiple sclerosis in an individual are still
being studied. There has no been a particular gene found that is
responsible for causing this disease. But, research indicates that
people with some genetic susceptibilities have more chances of
developing this disease when there are environmental conditions
that are favorable for a virus or toxin attack.
It may be that viral infection, environmental factors, hereditary
factors, or a disorder of the immune system may be causes of
multiple sclerosis. Studies also indicate that it might be an
individual’s unique reaction to an infection by some substance or a
reaction within the nervous system that causes their body’s own
defenses to attack it.
Genetic Factors
Genetic factors could be responsible for making a person susceptible
to multiple sclerosis. But, the risk of someone inheriting all the
genetic factors responsible for multiple sclerosis is thought to be
less than 5%. Research continues in this field to identify the exact
genes responsible for multiple sclerosis.
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