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“Living with Multiple Sclerosis” by Piet Mesmer
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Myth: People with Multiple Sclerosis should avoid working.
Fact: Many people still lead a very normal life despite their multiple
sclerosis. There is not enough evidence to prove that normal stress
and work pressures have any effect on multiple sclerosis. As many
as 30% of Multiple Sclerosis patients are still working full-time
without much trouble, even after years with the disease.
Other Facts about Multiple Sclerosis
1. Multiple Sclerosis may be malignant in rare cases and prove fatal.
2. Until the year 1993, there were no medicines, but there are
currently six approved drugs that are sometimes effective in
controlling the disease.
3. The chances of children inheriting the disease from their parents
are between 1% and 5%.
4. It affects 2.5 million individuals worldwide.
5. Canada has a significant risk of Multiple Sclerosis. More than
50,000 Canadians have Multiple Sclerosis.
6. Twice as many women as men suffer from this disease.
7. Multiple Sclerosis mostly strikes people between the ages of 20
and 40.
8. The symptoms of this disease vary. They may include blurred
vision, loss of balance, extreme fatigue, stiff muscles as well as
bowel and bladder difficulties.
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