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8. Myths and Facts about Multiple Sclerosis
Myth: There is no hope if diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
Fact: Though there is no cure for multiple sclerosis, there are
treatments which vary in effectiveness with each individual. There
are, at present, six drugs that have shown some ability to modify
the disease.
Myth: Multiple Sclerosis is a deadly disease.
Fact: There are available treatments that can help the person with
this disease lead a normal, active life. Deaths are only the result of
untreated complications such as kidney dysfunction and when
severe depression leads to suicide.
Myth: Multiple Sclerosis will ultimately land you in a wheelchair.
Fact: Early detection, proper therapy and treatment can make life
much easier for a person with multiple sclerosis. Many people use a
mobility aid, such as a wheelchair or powered cart, to conserve
energy for other activities.
Myth: People with Multiple Sclerosis should not be parents.
Fact: Multiple Sclerosis will do no harm to pregnancy and childbirth.
In many women, the symptoms are negligible during this period.
However, the risk of an attack is increased in the first six months
post delivery. There is a very small chance of the child inheriting the
problem of multiple sclerosis from the mother.
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